Adjectives for Loans

Adjectives For Loans

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing loans, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe loans can significantly impact the perception and understanding of financial products. A term loan suggests a fixed duration, while a foreign loan introduces the complexity of international finance. Describing a loan as new can imply recent changes or innovations in terms, whereas commercial loans are specifically oriented towards business needs. On the other hand, small loans often cater to personal or micro-enterprise needs. Each adjective unveils a different aspect or suitability of the loan, guiding potential borrowers in their decision-making process. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and the nuances they bring to understanding loans below.
termThe company secured term loans of $1 billion from a syndicate of banks.
foreignThe country's foreign loans have reached a record high.
suchSuch loans are riskier for the bank that extends them, especially if they represent a significant portion of its loan portfolio.
new"The bank is offering new loans to small businesses."
commercialThe bank approved his request for commercial loans
smallI took out a few small loans to help me get by.
totalThe company's total loans increased by 20% in the last quarter.
interestBanks offer interest loans to customers with good credit scores.
outstandingThe accounting firm showed promising results despite its insufficient cash and outstanding loans
largeMy neighbor decided to take out large loans to start their own business.
directThe Department of Education provides direct loans to students.
badThe bank suffered heavy losses due to bad loans
interlibraryThe library offers interlibrary loans allowing patrons to borrow books and materials from other libraries.
personalPersonal loans are a great way to consolidate debt or finance a major purchase.
freeI heard that the local library is offering free loans on e-books.
realI am looking for real loans with low interest rates.
agriculturalAgricultural loans are a type of loan that is specifically designed to help farmers and ranchers finance their operations.
internationalBanks can arrange international loans to help businesses grow.
shortWe can use short loans to cover unexpected expenses.
nonperformingThe bank had a lot of nonperforming loans which were a drag on its earnings.
softThe World Bank offers soft loans to developing countries.
performingThe bank's performing loans increased significantly last year.
furtherThe company is seeking further loans to expand its operations.
federalI had to take out federal loans to pay for college.
unsecuredUnsecured loans are a type of loan that is not backed by collateral, such as a car or house.
forcedThe government resorted to forced loans to bridge the budget deficit.
additionalThe company was able to secure additional loans to fund its expansion.
temporaryThe bank offered temporary loans to small businesses affected by the pandemic.
conventionalConventional loans are typically offered by banks and credit unions and are backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
lowThe bank offered low loans to attract new customers.
domesticThe bank's domestic loans grew by 10% last year.
externalThe country has to rely on external loans to fund its development projects.
subsidizedStudents were able to take out subsidized loans to help pay for college.
largerOur financial institution offers larger loans
rateRate loans are available for both new and existing customers.
yearThe company offers year loans to small businesses.
insuredWe offer insured loans for borrowers with good credit.
syndicatedSeveral syndicated loans with innovative features were launched on to the global loan market in June 2021.
securedMany banks and credit unions offer secured loans which are backed by collateral such as a car or home.
concessionalThe World Bank offered concessional loans to developing countries for infrastructure projects.
industrialIndustrial loans are typically used to finance the purchase of equipment, machinery, or other capital assets.
hugeMany small business owners are struggling to repay huge loans taken out during the pandemic.
substantialHe had to take out substantial loans to finance his business.
cheapI was able to get cheap loans thanks to my good job history.
collateralBanks provide collateral loans against securities, commodities, or properties.
freshThe bank approved fresh loans to several small businesses in the area.
structuralStructural loans are issued by international financial institutions like the World Bank to help developing countries finance large-scale infrastructure projects.
timeThe company offered time loans for employees who were struggling financially.
costYou can use secured cost loans to purchase a wide variety of assets.
longterm"Longterm loans" with fixed terms provide a fixed rate of return and are typically secured by collateral.
residentialResidential loans are available to individuals for purchasing or refinancing homes.
corporateCorporate loans are a type of loan that is made to a corporation.
officialThe court received official loans from the bank.
shorttermThe business owner looked into shortterm loans to cover payroll before the next round of funding.
guaranteedThe company offers guaranteed loans for small businesses.
riskyThe bank was criticized for making risky loans to subprime borrowers.
preferentialThe bank offered preferential loans to small businesses that were struggling during the pandemic.
alternativeAlternative loans provide financing options for students who do not qualify for traditional federal student loans.
overdueThe library is charging fines for overdue loans
municipalThe city council approved several municipal loans to fund infrastructure projects.
bearingThe bank offered bearing loans to its customers.
overseasWe have a good relationship with the bank and have successfully applied for overseas loans
generousThe bank has approved generous loans to help small businesses grow.
defaultedHe lost his house due to defaulted loans

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