Adjectives for Lobby

Adjectives For Lobby

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lobby, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'lobby' evokes a variety of spaces, each characterized by distinct adjectives that color our perception. A 'main' lobby suggests importance and centrality, often bustling with activity. A 'powerful' lobby might refer not to the physical space, but to a group's influential presence within a political or social sphere. 'Small' lobbies offer a cozy, intimate welcome, contrasting with 'large' lobbies that impress with their scale and grandeur. The 'front' lobby acts as the face of an establishment, setting the tone for visitors' experiences. Similarly, 'strong' lobbies, whether in terms of design or influence, denote resilience and command attention. Each adjective opens a door to a new understanding and appreciation of the space. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that bring the world of lobbies to life.
mainVisitors gathered in the main lobby
powerfulExxonMobil has a powerful lobby in Washington, D.C.
smallThe small lobby was crowded with people waiting for their flights.
strongThe strong lobby pressured the government to change its policy.
frontI met him in the front lobby of the hotel.
largeThere is a large lobby in the hotel.
environmentalThe environmental lobby praised the new bill.
spaciousThe spacious lobby of the hotel was busy with travelers.
politicalThe political lobby was working hard to influence the outcome of the election.
israeliThe Israeli lobby has been accused of influencing US foreign policy in favor of Israel.
crowdedThe crowded lobby buzzed with anticipation as people waited for their flights.
effectiveThe effective lobby ensured that legislation was passed to support their cause.
americanThe American lobby is a powerful force in Washington, D.C.
emptyThe hotel's empty lobby echoed with silence.
outerThe outer lobby was crowded with people waiting for their flights.
agriculturalThe agricultural lobby has been very influential in shaping the agricultural policies of the United States.
centralWe met in the central lobby of the hotel.
floorThe floor lobby was crowded with people waiting for the elevator.
bigThe big lobby was filled with people.
hugeThe hotel had a huge lobby with a fireplace and a grand piano.
darkI hurried through the dark lobby my heart pounding with trepidation.
elegantThe elegant lobby was adorned with marble floors and crystal chandeliers.
storyI met my friend in the story lobby before the movie started.
industrialThe industrial lobby has been pushing for deregulation.
grandThe grand lobby of the hotel was adorned with marble floors and sparkling chandeliers.
influentialThe pharmaceutical industry is notorious for its influential lobby
nuclearThe nuclear lobby has been accused of using its influence to promote the use of nuclear energy.
ornateThe ornate lobby was decorated with marble columns and gilded chandeliers.
tinyThe tiny lobby was filled with guests.
vastThe vast lobby had high vaulted ceilings and was filled with comfortable furniture.
colonialThe colonial lobby demanded that the government suppress the rebellion.
activeThe group met in an active lobby with many people milling about.
narrowI walked through the narrow lobby and into the main room.
innerWhen I entered the inner lobby I was greeted by a friendly receptionist.
openThe open lobby provided a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for the guests to socialize and wait for the event to begin.
desertedThe deserted lobby echoed with the sound of my footsteps.
cavernousThe courthouse had a cavernous lobby that echoed with the footsteps of everyone who entered.
protectionistThe protectionist lobby has been arguing for tariffs to protect domestic industries.
calledI was called lobby because I was always talking to people in the lobby.
busyThe busy lobby was filled with people rushing to and fro.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary lobby was crowded with reporters eager to learn the latest news.
indianThe Indian government raised concerns at the Indian lobby
wideThe hotel has a wide lobby with comfortable seating areas.
domesticThe domestic lobby is a powerful force in Washington, D.C.
arabThe Arab lobby has been a powerful force in American politics for decades.
greekThe Greek lobby in Washington is very influential.
commercialThe commercial lobby in the state legislature is pushing for a new bill that would reduce regulations on businesses.
vocalA vocal lobby has been pushing for the new policy.
coolI waited in the cool lobby while my friend finished her appointment.
lightedThe hotel's lighted lobby was a welcoming sight on a cold night.
ethnicThe ethnic lobby is a powerful force in American politics.
tiledThe tiled lobby was cool and inviting.
ceilingedThe grand cathedral featured a high-ceilinged lobby that left visitors in awe.
conservativeThe conservative lobby is a driving force in American politics.
dimI couldn't see the receptionist in the dim lobby
paneledThe paneled lobby with vaulted ceilings was stunning.
grayThe gray lobby was empty.
brightGuests were greeted by the bright lobby upon arrival.
greenThe green lobby is a powerful force in environmental policy.
flooredThe guests were waiting in the recently remodeled, sleek, and floored lobby
formidableThe company has a formidable lobby in Washington.
gayThe gay lobby is a powerful force in American politics.
impressiveThe hotel had a very impressive lobby with 10-foot ceilings.
corporateThe corporate lobby has been working hard to influence the decision-making process.
legislativeThe legislative lobby was packed with people trying to influence the outcome of the vote.
intergovernmentalThe intergovernmental lobby is a powerful force in the shaping of public policy.
circularThe circular lobby was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds.
organizedThe organized lobby was successful in getting the legislation passed.
enormousThe hotel had an enormous lobby with a high ceiling.
feministThe feminist lobby has been pushing for equal rights for women for decades.

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