Adjectives for Loc

Adjectives For Loc

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing loc, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'loc' can reveal much about the context and specificity of conversation or text. Whether discussing the 'present loc,' which emphasizes the here and now, or delving into the 'type loc,' specifying categories, each adjective alters the noun's implication. The 'same loc' might hint at a repeated scenario, while an 'internal loc' suggests a more introspective or contained situation. Even a 'little loc' can change the scale or importance of the conversation. This exploration into the connotative shifts provided by adjectives like 'commentary,' among others, showcases the rich tapestry of language when we choose our words with care. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'loc' and how they diversify your conversations and writings.
presentThis present loc is a surprise.
typeThe type loc variable is used to store the location of a file.
sameWe can do the same loc
internalHer internal loc is absurdly small.
commentaryThe commentary loc was unfavorable and unpleasant.
littleThe children ran through the little loc their laughter echoing through the forest.
xuanXuan loc is a beautiful city in Vietnam.
courtneyCourtney loc is a talented actress who has starred in many films and television shows.
externalThe external location was not found.
usgsThe usgs loc was used to find the earthquake's epicenter.
assessYou need to assess loc and measure moisture outside and inside near ground level.
furtherThe location of the memorial was chosen with further loc to ensure its visibility from the water.
generalThe general loc found one more illegal transmitter.
coreThe core loc of the problem varies depending on the type of problem that is occurring.
netThe net loc for the website is
physicalThe physical loc of the store is on Main Street.
textualThe textual loc is a great way to find the location of a text.
ammoniteAmmonite loc is a statistical measure of the degree of parallelism in a given dataset.
uniThe uni loc is a great place to live.
lowerThe lower loc used for this file path is a memory mapped file
technicalThe team is working on a technical loc to improve the system's performance.
totalHe came to a total loc with no hope and nothing left to live for
westThe west loc cafe is a popular spot for coffee and conversation.
briefI'll trade you these coins for a brief loc
houseThe house loc was in a remote area.
schoolThe school loc is in the center of town.
variableThe variable loc is a global variable.
weidnerWeidner loc is a great place to work.
provincialThe provincial loc is one of the most important locs in the country.
noteNote loc for our holiday to Cornwall
groundThe aircraft was forced to make a ground loc due to a technical issue.
friedlanderFriedlander loc is a mutation on SCN1A found in individuals with Dravet syndrome.
anonymousHer anonymous loc faced the street.
waterThe water loc represents the surface where the water is located in the model.
sideI styled my hair in a side loc for the party.
keyThe key loc is on the west side of the building.
roadThe road loc is a good place to visit.
postageYou can drop off your package at the postage loc
mpdThe mpd loc is a valuable resource for information about musicians and their work.
wallI was looking at the wall loc that my dad was building.
macanMacan loc la mot mon an ngon
secThe sec loc of the document is 25
dayMy day loc is in the country.
holeThe hole loc is 2 mm
crossThe old cross loc sign has been replaced with a modern one.
testThe first test loc of the report is shown below.
offThe event was off loc but it was still successful.
rectangleThe rectangle loc is close to the top of the box.

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