Adjectives for Locale

Adjectives For Locale

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing locale, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a locale can greatly affect the perception of that place. A particular locale carries a unique charm, setting it apart from others. A specific locale narrows down the place to an exact point, providing precision. Describing a place as the same locale implies familiarity and constancy, while a new locale introduces the thrill of discovery. The geographic locale adds a layer of physical context, and the current locale offers a sense of immediacy. Each adjective paints a different picture, highlighting the nuanced ways in which our language shapes our understanding of the world. Explore the full list of adjectives to find the perfect one for your description.
particularThe data was specific to that particular locale
specificThe specific locale was not mentioned in the document.
sameThe two buildings are located in the same locale
newThe travelers explored the new locale with a sense of wonder.
geographicThe geographic locale of the study was the United States.
currentThe current locale is United States English.
exoticWe took a vacation to an exotic locale last summer.
geographicalThe geographical locale of the study was the United States.
differentThe different locale offered a fresh perspective on the situation.
immediateThe incident occurred in his immediate locale
singleThe single locale feature is useful for setting a specific location for your website.
physicalThe physical locales of the novel include New York City, London, and Paris.
urbanThe urban locale was bustling with activity and excitement.
idealThe ideal locale for a beach house is near a sandy shoreline with gentle waves.
foreignThe foreign locale seemed both inviting and strange
ruralNestled amidst rolling hills, the quaint rural locale exuded tranquility.
remoteThe remote locale was ideal for astronomers seeking to avoid light pollution.
appropriateThe appropriate locale was chosen for the event.
actualThe actual locale of the conference is still under discussion.
favoriteMy favorite locale is the beach.
originalThe original locale of the company has been moved to a more central location.
preferredWe regret that you must change your preferred locale
centralThe central locale of the story is a small town in the Midwest.
exactThe exact locale of the incident is still under investigation.
distantThe distant locale was a place of mystery and wonder.
southernThe Crawfish Festival celebrated the southern locale's vibrant Cajun culture.
suitableThe suitable locale for the experiment was a remote island.
familiarWe arrived at a familiar locale and felt a sense of peace.
properThe local regulations should be read and understood in their proper locale
nativeThe application runs on a server with a native locale of en_US.
popularThe popular locale was buzzing with activity.
principalThe principal locale of the business is in New York City.
regionalEfforts were made to engage stakeholders at the regional locale
perfectThe perfect locale for a summer getaway is just a short drive away.
isolatedThe secluded chapel stood in an isolated locale a testament to the strength of faith.
preciseThe precise locale of the ancient city has yet to be determined.
convenientThe property was popular for its convenient locale
unlikelyThe unlikely locale of the ancient ruins surprised the archaeologists.
globalWe are happy to welcome you to our global locale
fictionalThe action takes place in the fictional locale of a small town in the Midwest.
favoredThe favored locale for the annual gathering is a secluded mountain cabin.
limitedThe limited locale of the town made it difficult to find a variety of goods.
staticThe desktop application will only run in a static locale
strangeIn this strange locale the familiar became foreign.
likelyThe likely locale of the conference is Las Vegas.
uneC'est une locale qui présente les informations.
provenienceThe museum cataloged the provenience locale of the artifact, which hinted at its true origins.
tropicalThe tropical locale was a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.
uniqueThe historic town square was a unique locale for the summer festival.
primeThe restaurant's prime locale ensured a steady stream of customers.
suburbanThe quiet suburban locale was a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.
restrictedThe restricted locale of the remote village limited the number of visitors it received each year.
strategicThe company's strategic locale allowed it to quickly respond to market changes.

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