Adjectives for Locator

Adjectives For Locator

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing locator, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a locator can significantly alter the shade of meaning in your sentence. A uniform locator suggests standardization and harmony in function, while a universal locator implies an all-encompassing range, capable of finding anything, anywhere. An original locator might denote the first of its kind, a pioneer in its field, whereas an electronic locator highlights technological integration, suited for the digital age. The apex locator stands at the pinnacle of precision, and a junior locator could be seen as less experienced or possibly designed for younger users. Each adjective weaves its own narrative texture around the noun, offering a rich palette for expression. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives designed for 'locator' and the unique sentences they inhabit below.
uniformThe uniform locator provided access to the website's main page.
universalThe universal locator is a tool that helps you find information on the internet.
originalThe original locator of the file cannot be found.
electronicThe electronic locator was so accurate that it showed the exact location of the lost child.
apexThe dentist used an apex locator to determine the exact length of the root canal.
juniorThe junior locator has been promoted to senior locator.
soundThe sound locator is a device used to find the direction of a sound source.
priorThe prior locator had not provided sufficient information to locate the property.
rightThe right locator was presenting measurements that were incompatible with the ones from the left locator.
secondThe second locator is located at the end of the first locator.
subsequentThe subsequent locator established the exact coordinates of the hidden treasure.
onlineI used the online locator to find the nearest coffee shop.
seniorI reached out to a senior locator to help me find a retirement home for my elderly mother.
automaticThe automatic locator tracked the vehicle's position with precision.
magneticThe magnetic locator detected a faint signal from the buried treasure chest.
formerThe former locator of the property was unable to provide any information
globalThe global locator helped them find the missing child.
uniqueThe unique locator allows for easy identification of each item.
alienI found a strange device in the forest, it seems to be an alien locator
nullThe null locator is used to represent the absence of a locator.
primaryThe primary locator is a unique identifier used to easily identify a record.
emptyThe empty locator was found in the database.
compassThe diver used a compass locator to find his way back to the surface.
outerThe outer locator on the aircraft is used to provide navigation information to the pilot.
adverseThe adverse locator was unable to find the correct address.
cylindricalThe cylindrical locator was used to precisely position the component.
brilliantHe used a brilliant locator to find the lost treasure.
adjustableThe adjustable locator allowed for precise positioning of the object.
radialThe radial locator pinpoints the exact location of the buried treasure.
spatialThe spatial locator determined the precise position of the object.
geographicThe geographic locator of the city is 48.8581° N, 2.2946° E.
underwaterThe underwater locator detected a shipwreck lying just beneath the ocean's surface.
fixedThe fixed locator is a general-purpose locator that can be used to find an element on a web page.}
requestProvide the request locator shared with you by the support team.
emergencyThe emergency locator was activated when the plane went down.
availableThe available locator can search for nearby stores and restaurants.
basedThe based locator was able to pinpoint the exact location of the missing person.
geographicalThe geographical locator is located in the southern part of the city.
outsideThe outside locator was not properly installed.
soleThe app firm had hired a sole locator to find their missing CEO.
competentThe competent locator found the lost dog within minutes.
constThe const locator keyword is used to define a constant variable.
temporalThe temporal locator in the sentence will help you determine the time of the event.
concentricThe librarian used a concentric locator to find the book on the shelf.
gopherThe gopher locator found the missing rodent quickly.
subjectI found the subject locator
physicianI used the physician locator to find a doctor who specializes in my condition.
qualifiedThe qualified locator quickly identified the target.
relievedThe relieved locator was finally able to find the lost hikers.
optimalThe team discovered the optimal locator for optimal results.
circularThe circular locator measured the distance to the target accurately.
fortunateThe fortunate locator discovered the missing treasure.
interactiveThe interactive locator provides a convenient way to find the nearest store.
convenientThe shopping center's convenient locator helped her find the nearest escalator.
digitalThe digital locator pointed out the store's location.
directionalThe plane's directional locator pointed due north.
unlimitedThe GPS device had an unlimited locator allowing for precise tracking.
prospectiveThe prospective locator scoured the site for potential building lots.
goldThe gold locator was able to quickly find the lost treasure.
sphericalThe spherical locator precisely identified the vessel's position.

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