Adjectives for Lock

Adjectives For Lock

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lock, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'lock' carries with it a connotation of security and restriction, but the choice of adjective preceding it can significantly alter its nuance. A 'dead lock' emphasizes an absolute impasse, a state of complete immobility, whereas a 'new lock' suggests fresh protection, an upgrade, or a new beginning. 'Exclusive lock' denotes a higher level of security or privileged access, setting it apart from the ordinary. In contrast, a 'single lock' might imply vulnerability due to lack of redundancy. An 'old lock' evokes a sense of nostalgia or potential weakness, while a 'long lock' could suggest endurance or a prolonged period of safety. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, enriching our perception of the noun. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'lock' and explore the diverse contexts in which they are used.
deadThe traffic was in a dead lock cars were not moving for hours.
newI need to buy a new lock for my front door.
exclusiveThis table has an exclusive lock so the insert command cannot be executed.
singleThe door was secured by a single lock
oldThe old lock creaked as I turned the key.
flintHe held the flint lock tightly, anticipating the oncoming battle.
doubleHe put a double lock on the door to make sure it was secure.
rustyI struggled to open the rusty lock with my key.
heavyThe heavy lock prevented entry to the secret room.
frontThe front lock of his hair was getting in his eyes.
keyI forgot my keys, so I had to use the key lock to get into my house.
sharedThe database engine supports read and write shared locks
brokenThe door had a broken lock so it wouldn't close properly.
strongHe used a strong lock to secure the door.
electronicThe electronic lock on the door beeped as it opened.
bigThe big lock kept the door securely shut.
simpleThe simple lock kept the door shut.
mechanicalThe mechanical lock on the door was difficult to open.
shyThe shy lock kept the door securely shut.
closedI tried to open the door, but it was closed lock
automaticThe car has an automatic lock feature that engages when the driver exits the vehicle.
goldenThe princess with the golden locks was a sight to behold.
doorThe door lock seemed to be jammed.
ordinaryThe burglar picked the ordinary lock in a matter of seconds.
electricThe electric lock on the door automatically opened as we approached.
hugeThere was a huge lock on the door.
topThe top lock on the canal was jammed.
rimThe door had a rim lock which was easy to pick.
positiveThe door features a positive lock to ensure safety.
woodenThe wooden lock creaked as it was opened.
upperThe upper lock was jammed and had to be replaced.
differentialThe differential lock on the truck allows it to maintain traction in challenging terrain.
hydraulicThe hydraulic lock jammed the engine and prevented it from starting.
darkThe dark lock on the door was old and rusty.
massiveThe massive lock kept the door firmly in place.
outerHe closed the outer lock and went inside.
tinyThe tiny lock securely fastened the delicate jewelry box.
magneticThe magnetic lock buzzed open, granting access to the secure facility.
fireThe pioneers used fire locks to hunt for their food.
unrulyHer unruly lock of hair fell over her forehead.
innerThe inner lock kept the door securely shut.
complicatedThe complicated lock prevented him from opening the door.
looseThe loose lock kept falling out of the door.
sideThe young boy had a cute side lock
globalThe database suffered a global lock preventing any updates.
errant"An errant lock of hair fell across his forehead."
safeThe safe lock was intricate and required a delicate touch to open.
secretHe opened the secret lock with a key he found hidden under the floorboards.
insideThe key was on the inside lock of the door.
secureThe secure lock kept the door shut tight.
flimsyThe flimsy lock on the door gave little resistance to the intruder.
typeThis method cannot be called because of type lock
tumblerI installed a new tumbler lock on the front door.
rustedThe rusted lock creaked open with a loud groan.
outsideThe outside lock was broken, so we had to climb through the window.
virtualThe virtual lock kept our confidential data safe.
cheapThe old door had a cheap lock so it was easy to break into.
jointThe police officer used a joint lock to subdue the suspect.
levelThe level lock was jammed shut.
tightThe tight lock kept the door firmly shut.
bottomThe bottom lock of the canal was broken.
tripleThe government has decided to scrap the triple lock on pensions.

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