Adjectives for Locks

Adjectives For Locks

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing locks, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'locks' can dramatically alter the imagery and emotion conveyed in a sentence. Descriptive words like 'long', 'golden', 'black', 'white', 'curly', and 'dark' not only paint a vivid picture but also evoke a range of feelings and associations. For instance, 'long, golden locks' might conjure images of a fairy tale princess, while 'dark, curly locks' can suggest a mysterious and enigmatic character. Each adjective adds a layer of meaning, highlighting the importance of selecting the perfect word to match the vision in your mind. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'locks' to unlock the power of descriptive writing.
longHer long locks cascaded down her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
goldenThe princess had long, flowing golden locks that cascaded down her back.
whiteThe old man's white locks billowed in the wind.
curlyThe little girl's curly locks bounced as she skipped down the street.
darkThe enigmatic stranger with dark locks and piercing eyes exuded an aura of mystery.
mattedThe old man's matted locks hung down to his shoulders.
grayHer gray locks shimmered like a silvery halo around her delicate face
greyThe elderly man's grey locks shimmered in the sunlight.
brownThe girl with brown locks skipped through the meadow.
thickThe girl had thick locks of black hair that cascaded down her back.
fairThe princess had fair locks that cascaded down her back like a golden waterfall.
flintThe flint locks sparked, igniting the gunpowder.
yellowThe girl with yellow locks skipped through the meadow.
heavyThe heavy locks of her hair cascaded over her shoulders.
doubleThe door was secured with double locks
blondThe young girl's blond locks caught the sunlight, shining like gold.
thinShe ran her fingers through her thin locks
tangledThe princess had long, tangled locks that flowed down her back like a silken waterfall.
brightThe young princess was known for her bright locks and mischievous smile.
hoaryThe old man's hoary locks cascaded down his shoulders like a silver waterfall.
exclusiveThe database management system uses exclusive locks to prevent multiple users from accessing the same data at the same time.
shortThe boy's short locks were tousled by the wind.
elfShe noticed elf locks forming in her long, unkempt hair.
snakyHer snaky locks cascaded gracefully over her shoulders.
redThe girl with the red locks skipped down the street.
dishevelledHis dishevelled locks cascaded down his face, obscuring his eyes.
electronicThe building had several electronic locks that required a keycard for entry.
goryThe creature's gory locks dripped with fresh blood.
looseThe girl with loose locks skipped through the meadow.
sideThe girl's side locks flowed gracefully down her face.
keyI have two key locks that require three turns of the key to open.
blondeShe is known for her long, flowing blonde locks
shaggyThe scarecrow had shaggy locks that cascaded over his burlap face.
silveryHer silvery locks cascaded down her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
deadThe program came to a standstill due to dead locks
snowyThe man with snowy locks walked slowly through the park.
invincibleThe castle's invincible locks stood firm against the relentless siege.
scantyThe old man had scanty locks remaining on his head.
wildThe woman's wild locks cascaded down her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
grizzledThe old wizard had long, grizzled locks that fell to his shoulders.
woodenThe door's wooden locks creaked as it was opened.
flaxenThe maiden's flaxen locks flowed behind her like a cascading waterfall.
multipleThe door had multiple locks each requiring a different key.
sunnyThe princess had long, flowing sunny locks
sharedThe database transaction used shared locks to ensure that the data was not modified while it was being read.
glossyHer glossy locks cascaded over her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
auburnThe woman with auburn locks ran swiftly through the park.
unkemptThe professor's unkempt locks gave him an air of scholarly disarray.
greasyThe greasy locks of the unkempt man hung limply over his forehead
fireAfter the first volley, the soldiers loaded their fire locks
richHer rich locks cascaded over her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
mechanicalThe old house still had its original mechanical locks
braidedThe young girl had flowing braided locks as black as midnight.
levelThe front door had three level locks for extra security.
hyacinthineShe was a beautiful woman, with long hyacinthine locks and piercing blue eyes.
abundantHer abundant locks cascaded down her shoulders like a silken waterfall.
electric"Its electric locks whined open and it wheeled itself in to dock with Serenity."
jointThe police officer showed me how to apply joint locks when subduing a suspect.
unrulyShe was a wild child, with unruly locks and a mischievous grin.
venerableThe old woman's venerable locks cascaded over her shoulders.
readThe database uses read locks to prevent other transactions from modifying data that is being read.
rustyThe rusty locks creaked open with a deafening screech.
lankThe guitarist tossed his lank locks and continued playing his scorching guitar solo.
automaticI realized I had left my keys in the car when I heard the automatic locks engage.
hugeThe princess had huge locks of golden hair.
silkenHer silken locks cascaded down her shoulders, shimmering like a thousand stars.

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