Adjectives for Lodge

Adjectives For Lodge

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lodge, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a lodge can significantly influence the image it conjures up in one's mind. For example, a masonic lodge evokes a sense of mystery and tradition, while a grand lodge suggests splendor and majesty. On the other hand, the term first lodge might imply prestige or primacy, whereas a new lodge conveys freshness and modernity. Describing a lodge as main or local can also highlight its importance within a community or its accessibility. Each adjective paints a unique picture, emphasizing different aspects of the lodge. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'lodge' and their distinct nuances.
masonicThe masonic lodge was a place where men could gather and discuss their interests.
grandI visited the grand lodge two weeks ago and it was a beautiful building.
firstWe finally made it to the first lodge
newWe are excited to announce the opening of our new lodge
mainThe main lodge was a large, beautiful building with a wide porch.
localAfter the long hike, we were happy to finally reach the local lodge
oldThe old lodge was nestled in the heart of the forest.
smallWe spent a cozy weekend at a small lodge in the mountains.
littleHe left the little lodge to make his way home by light of the moon.
largeWe had our company retreat at a large lodge in the woods.
sweatThe sweat lodge provided a deeply spiritual and cleansing experience.
indianWe stayed in a peaceful indian lodge on the lake.
royalThe royal lodge was a magnificent sight, with its grand turrets and sprawling grounds.
rusticWe stayed in a rustic lodge in the mountains for our vacation.
bigThe group spent the night at the big lodge near the lake.
subordinateI found the subordinate lodge in the woods.
huntingThe hunting lodge was a cozy retreat for the weary hunters.
regularI'll meet you at the regular lodge
ceremonialThe ceremonial lodge was filled with the sound of drums and chanting.
formerThe former lodge was now a ruin.
sacredThe sacred lodge is a place of peace and tranquility.
earthThe earth lodge had a domed roof made of sod and sticks.
privateThe private lodge offered a tranquil retreat from the bustling city.
originalThe historic original lodge is the centerpiece of the camp.
blueThey were welcomed into the blue lodge by the master of the lodge.
secretMy grandfather was a member of a secret lodge in the mountains.
fraternalThe fraternal lodge hosted a fundraiser to support local charities.
beautifulWe stayed in a beautiful lodge at the foot of the mountain.
comfortableThe comfortable lodge provided a cozy retreat for weary travelers.
openThe open lodge welcomed hikers with a warm glow.
separateThe lawyer says we must keep the two cases separate lodge
oldestThe oldest lodge is the Freemasons.
nearbyThe nearby lodge offered a welcome respite from the long hike.
viceregalThe viceregal lodge was a beautiful building.
historicThe historic lodge overlooked a breathtaking mountain lake.
provincialThe provincial lodge was a grand building with a long history.
regalThe regal lodge stood tall against the backdrop of the mountains.
storyThe story lodge was a place where people could come together to share stories.
handsomeThe handsome lodge was nestled amidst towering pines.
grassThe grass lodge was a traditional shelter built by Native Americans.
styleThe style lodge was a popular destination for young people in the 1960s.
famousThe famous lodge was a popular destination for tourists.
conicalThe conical lodge was a common sight in the frontier.
coveredThe covered lodge provided protection from the storm.
woodenWe spent the weekend in a cozy wooden lodge in the mountains.
emptyWe stayed in an empty lodge at the edge of the forest.
remoteThe remote lodge was situated in the heart of the wilderness.
hugeThe huge lodge accommodated all the guests comfortably.
prettyThe pretty lodge was nestled amidst the towering trees.
luxuriousWe stayed in a luxurious lodge with a view of the mountains.
largestThe largest lodge in the park is the Grand Lodge.
neatWe stayed in a neat lodge on our vacation.
nearestThe nearest lodge is about a mile away.
supremeThe supreme lodge held its annual meeting in the grand ballroom.
temporaryThe workers built a temporary lodge to shelter themselves from the storm.
dutchThe Dutch lodge met regularly in the upstairs room of the Hawthorne Hotel.
spaciousThe spacious lodge offered a comfortable retreat for weary travelers.
centuryThe century lodge was a beautiful old building with a rich history.
shapedThe shaped lodge provided shelter from the storm.
lonelyThe lonely lodge stood isolated amidst the towering trees.
warmWe stayed in a warm lodge during our ski trip.
circularThe people gathered for a meeting in the circular lodge
tiny"Come on, guys! The car's right over there by the tiny lodge," I shouted.
solitaryThe solitary lodge stood isolated on the desolate moor.
gothicWe spent the week exploring the gothic lodge and its many secret passageways.

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