Adjectives for Lodging

Adjectives For Lodging

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lodging, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe lodging can greatly alter the tone and appeal of your content. Whether you're discussing free accommodations as a perk, temporary housing for a transient lifestyle, or the benefits of owning your own place, adjectives paint a picture for the reader. Highlighting a new development adds an air of modernity, while comfortable lodging appeals to those seeking relaxation. Conversely, a good lodging option suggests a balance between quality and price. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of living spaces, influencing the reader's perception and decision-making process. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe various types of lodging below and the nuanced implications they carry.
freeWe were offered free lodging during our stay.
temporaryThe refugees stayed in temporary lodging for several months.
ownThe students have to arrange their own lodging during the trip.
newWe are looking for new lodging for our vacation.
comfortableWe offer comfortable lodging for all of our guests.
goodI'm looking for good lodging in the area.
cheapThe travelers found cheap lodging at the rundown motel.
littleWe found little lodging in the countryside.
privateThe group booked private lodging for their trip.
smallThe small lodging was a perfect place to rest after their long journey.
humbleThe travelers sought refuge in a humble lodging for the night.
betterWe were hoping for better lodging
overnightThe hotel offers overnight lodging for weary travelers.
suitableWe found suitable lodging for our vacation.
safeThe hikers stayed in a warm and safe lodging
decentThe hotel offered decent lodging for a reasonable price.
convenientWe chose that hotel because of its convenient lodging and proximity to the beach.
obscureThe obscure lodging was hard to find, but it was worth the effort.
hardThe hard lodging caused me a lot of discomfort.
furnishedI'm looking for furnished lodging in the city center.
modestThe travelers decided to stay in modest lodging due to their limited budget.
quietNestled amidst a tranquil forest, the quiet lodging provided a haven for weary travelers.
wretchedThe wretched lodging forced them to stay the night.
presentI'm not sure what you mean by 'present lodging'.
permanentThe family found permanent lodging in a cozy cottage by the lake.
formerI stayed in a former lodging owned by my grandparents.
separateThe couple decided to file for divorce and live in separate lodging
inexpensiveThe students opted for inexpensive lodging during their trip.
cleanWe booked a room at a clean lodging by the beach.
properAfter a long journey, we finally found proper lodging for the night.
pleasantThe hotel offered pleasant lodging for the weary travelers.
warmTired travelers were relieved to find warm lodging for the night.
respectableThe hotel provides respectable lodging and amenities for the price.
meanMy bed was awfully uncomfortable, but I didn't complain because it was mean lodging
lonelyIn the lonely lodging the wind howled dismally through the broken windows.
excellentThe hotel provides excellent lodging for the guests.
royalThe royal lodging was fit for a king.
solitaryThe solitary lodging offered a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.
hiredThe hired lodging had a beautiful view of the lake.
commodiousThe commodious lodging provided ample space for the travelers to rest and unpack their belongings.
shabbyThe shabby lodging was a far cry from the luxurious hotel they were used to.
niceThe hotel offers nice lodging for its guests.
drearyThe weary traveler found himself in a dreary lodging with threadbare blankets and a damp chill in the air.
adequateWe made sure to book adequate lodging for our trip.
handsomeThe castle is a handsome lodging for the king and queen.
narrowOur narrow lodging only allowed us to fit our bed and a couple small nightstands.
uncomfortableThe travelers had to endure uncomfortable lodging during their arduous journey.
cheaperWe found cheaper lodging downtown.
roughThe rough lodging made it difficult to sleep soundly.
desertThe desert lodging was a welcome sight after a long day of travel.
dingyThe dingy lodging offered little comfort, but it was the only option in the remote village.
transientThe hotel offers transient lodging for travelers.
tolerableThe tolerable lodging was basic but clean.
expensiveThe luxurious suites at the grand hotel offered expensive lodging for a comfortable stay.
dryThe hiker was thankful for the dry lodging after a long day on the trail.
illThe ill lodging left them feeling weary and miserable.
availableThere are limited available lodgings in the area, so book early to avoid disappointment.
homelyThe homely lodging offered little comfort but was affordable.
cheapestThe cheapest lodging we could find was a motel just outside of town.
fairThe tourists were delighted to find that the inn offered fair lodging with excellent food.
nearestThe nearest lodging is just a few miles away.
affordableThe affordable lodging made it possible for us to stay at the resort for a week.
friendlyThe friendly lodging was a welcome sight after a long day of travel.
floorThe hikers spent the night in floor lodging
secureThey were grateful to find secure lodging for the night.
styleI enjoyed my stay at the hotel and appreciated the style lodging that it offered.
gloomyI spent the night in a gloomy lodging
sordidThe detective stayed in a sordid lodging during his investigation.
squalidThe vagrants lived in a squalid lodging
bare"Bare lodging" privdes only basic accommodation, such as a bed and dresser.

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