Adjectives for Log

Adjectives For Log

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing log, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective for the noun 'log' can significantly alter the image your sentence conjures, highlighting aspects like age, state, or size. A 'hollow log' evokes images of forest hideaways, possibly harboring small creatures. A 'fallen log' paints a more serene, perhaps melancholic, natural scene, reflecting the cycle of life. 'Semi', 'old', and 'large' further accentuate the physical characteristics, delving into the log's form and history, while 'natural' emphasizes its untouched, raw beauty. Each adjective not only describes but also enlivens the noun, inviting readers into a vividly painted world. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'log' to discover the unique nuances each brings.
hollowThe hollow log provided the perfect hiding place for the small creature.
fallenThe hikers sat down on a fallen log to rest.
semiThe semi log plot shows the exponential function as a straight line.
oldThe old log lay quietly in the corner.
largeThe large log was blocking the path.
naturalThe natural log of e is 1.
dailyThe daily log provides a chronological record of all events and activities that have occurred during the reporting period.
bigThe big log rolled down the hill.
singleThe lumberjack swung his axe at the single log
heavyThe heavy log was too difficult to lift.
hugeThe huge log blocked the path completely.
yuleThe yule log crackled in the fireplace, casting a warm glow on the room.
doubleThe double log plot showed a linear relationship between the variables.
rottenThe larvae feed on fungi that grow on rotten logs.
footThe water was so cold it made my foot logs numb.
wellThe well log provided valuable information about the subsurface geology.
electricThe electric log showed a sharp increase in temperature.
officialThe ship's official log was filled with stories of adventure and danger.
roundThe lumberjack rolled the round log down the hill.
detailedThe detailed log contains all the necessary information about the process.
deadThe dead log lay rotting in the forest.
negativeThe negative log of 100 is -2.
submergedI noticed a large submerged log near the boat ramp.
sonicThe sonic log provides a detailed record of the velocity of sound waves in the formation.
alertThe alert log contains a record of all database errors.
freshThe fresh log burned brightly in the fireplace.
sunkenHe swam to the riverbank, careful to avoid the sunken log
woodenThe sturdy wooden log served as a bridge across the flowing river.
dryThe dry log crackled in the fireplace.
eventI checked the event log for any unusual activity.
splitThe split logs popped and crackled in the fireplace.
hewnThe cabin was constructed from hewn logs.
roughThe rough log was perfect for building a rustic cabin.
notchedThe notched log would make a fine house.
thickThe thick log weighed over a thousand pounds.
keyThe key log was used to track which keys were used in the experiment.
mossyHe sat down on the mossy log and took a deep breath of the fresh air.
topShe sawed the top log then split it into firewood.
charredHe poked at the charred log with his toe.
solidThe solid log felt heavy in his arms.
electricalThe electrical log showed a sudden drop in the current at the point where the cable was damaged.
typicalHe's a typical log cabin sort of guy.
inchThe team of loggers used inch logs to build the cabin.
green"Can you bring me that green log?" asked the lumberjack.
pineThe pine log crackled merrily in the fireplace.
halfThe half log was perfect for building a small campfire.
rayThe ray log contained detailed records of the ship's journey.
accurateThe precise and accurate log provided comprehensive information about the project's progress.
graphicThe company will use the graphic log to track the progress of the project.
mereMere log vacation pe gaye hain.
linearThe linear log of the data reveals a steady increase in sales over time.
meanThe mean log return was 0.06%.
smoothThe smooth log rolled down the hill.
onlineI need to check the online log for more information.
coveredThe covered log had not yet started to rot.
rottedThe hiker stumbled upon a rotted log covered in mushrooms.
wetThe wet log hissed and sparked as it burned.
antiThe anti log of 2.30 is 199.52.
slipperyThe slippery log sent the hiker tumbling into the river.
decayedWe found a decayed log in the forest.
enormousThe enormous log was too heavy to lift.
bottomThe heavy bottom log was too much for me to move by myself.

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