Adjectives for Look

Adjectives For Look

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing look, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a look can subtly change its meaning, enriching your narrative with nuanced layers. A closer look invites scrutiny, suggesting a need for detailed examination. A good look, on the other hand, implies approval and attractiveness, bringing a positive vibe to the description. The last look evokes a sense of finality and emotion, often tinged with nostalgia or regret. A quick look suggests brevity and efficiency, ideal for fast-paced scenarios, while a long look indicates deep contemplation or admiration. Similarly, a close look shares some qualities with a closer look, emphasizing thoroughness. Each adjective opens a window to a different perspective, highlighting the importance of precise language. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover how each can transform the simple act of observing.
closerTaking a closer look I realized that the painting was a fake.
lastI took a last look at the city before I left.
quickI just took a quick look at the document.
longShe gave him a long look her eyes full of uncertainty.
closeI took a close look at the painting before making my decision.
secondJohn gave the drawing a second look to confirm its authenticity.
betterI'm going to have to give this a better look
hardAs the task deadline approaches, Tom and his team take a hard look at their progress.
briefI just took a brief look at the document.
strangeShe gave me a strange look when I asked her about her age.
freshI'm impressed with your fresh look
puzzledShe gave him a puzzled look
seriousThe doctor approached the patient with a serious look
sternThe teacher gave him a stern look
wildThe lion's wild look sent shivers down my spine.
detailedThe researcher took a detailed look at the data.
sadThe boy looked at his broken toy with a sad look
carefulShe took a careful look around the room before she made her move.
worriedHer worried look seemed to convey more than she was saying.
criticalThe lawyer gave the witness a critical look
anxiousShe cast an anxious look at the clock.
blankThe teacher gave me a blank look when I didn't know the answer.
quizzicalShe gave him a quizzical look as he walked in late.
angryShe gave him an angry look
curiousThe cat gave me a curious look
farawayShe gazed into the distance with a faraway look
troubledShe looked at him intently, her face wearing a troubled look
questioningShe gave me a questioning look as I entered the room.
coldThe actress gave the reporter a cold look
surprisedA surprised look crossed his face as he heard the news.
oddShe gave me an odd look when I asked her out.
frightenedShe glanced at him with a frightened look
darkHe gave her a dark look
funnyHe gave her a funny look
wistfulShe gazed at the stars with a wistful look in her eyes.
backwardThe backward look in time gave him a sense of nostalgia.
depthI need to take a depth look at the new project proposal.
cursoryJohn gave the room a cursory look and left.
peculiarThe clown gave me a peculiar look as I walked by.
slyHe gave her a sly look across the room.
suspiciousThe man gave me a suspicious look as I walked by.
steadyThe detective examined the crime scene with a steady look
brightHe smiled at me with a bright look
eyedShe gave him a suspicious eyed look
thoughtfulMary gave a thoughtful look to the stranger.
fierceThe lion roared with a fierce look in its eyes.
queerHe looked at me with a queer look
grimHer grim look made me nervous.
eagerThe dog watched the ball with an eager look in its eyes.
dreamyShe gazed at him with a dreamy look
witheringThe teacher gave the student a withering look
sourShe gave him a sour look
awayShe gave an away look as she spoke.
overallHer overall look was one of confidence and elegance.
keenThe detective scrutinized the scene with a keen look
graveShe gave him a grave look
vacantThe vacant look in his eyes hinted at his inner turmoil.
honestShe gave him an honest look
reproachfulShe gave him a reproachful look as he walked away.
comprehensiveA comprehensive look at the current state of the economy reveals a complex and nuanced picture.
innocentShe looked at him with an innocent look on her face.
concernedThe woman with a concerned look asked me about my health.
familiarShe gave him a familiar look as if she had seen him somewhere before.
suddenHer sudden look of panic startled me.
sidelongShe gave him a sidelong look as he passed her in the hallway.
disgustedShe gave him a disgusted look
hungryThe dog gave me a hungry look as I ate my dinner.
uglyThe man gave me an ugly look
strickenShe looked at her stricken look a mix of pain and disbelief etching itself on her face
distantThe boy had a distant look in his eyes as he gazed out the window at the passing scenery.
gratefulShe gave him a grateful look as he handed her the flowers.
hauntedHer eyes bore a haunted look that hinted at a tragic past.

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