Adjectives for Loops

Adjectives For Loops

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing loops, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of programming or anatomy, the word 'loops' often comes into play, carrying a multitude of nuances depending on the adjectives paired with it. Whether we discuss 'small loops' that might grace a delicate piece of code, 'closed loops' crucial for feedback control systems, 'nested loops' in complex algorithms, or even 'intestinal loops,' highlighting aspects of human anatomy, each combination unfolds a unique layer of meaning. The usage of adjectives like 'several' or 'long' further diversifies our understanding and application of loops, enriching our conversations and knowledge base. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives reveal the multifaceted nature of loops in the comprehensive list below.
smallI was able to complete the task in small loops
closedThe technicians checked the closed loops on the circuit board for any signs of wear.
nestedThe nested loops helped find all the possible combinations.
intestinalThe physician palpated the patient's abdomen and felt multiple, distended intestinal loops
severalThe hikers encountered several loops during their trek through the winding trails.
longShe knitted long loops of colorful yarn to create a cozy blanket.
feedbackThe feedback loops in the system ensure stability and prevent oscillation.
currentThe current loops cause a magnetic field.
localThe new phone lines use local loops to connect to the central office.
multipleThe boy ran around the block multiple loops before collapsing on the couch.
positiveThe positive loops in the ecosystem promote a balance and stability essential for the survival of its species.
shortMy hair is cut in short loops
infiniteThe program crashed due to infinite loops consuming all available memory.
negativeThe negative loops were swirling dangerously close to the event horizon.
innerThe code needs to be optimized with parallelization in the inner loops
filledThe grass was filled loops and other wildflowers.
distendedThe distended loops of intestine hung heavily from the dog's abdomen.
dilatedThe dilated loops of bowel were consistent with small bowel obstruction.
adjacentTwo adjacent loops of the mat are damaged.
volumeBobby uses volume loops to edit audio recordings.
minorThe program contains a few minor loops that handle special cases.
individualThis activity requires a series of intricate patterns to be drawn with individual loops of the wire.
simpleGrandma knits simple loops of wool for her grandchildren.
magneticThe magnetic loops intermingled with one another, creating a complex and beautiful pattern.
parallelThe parallel loops executed concurrently, performing calculations simultaneously.
internalThe algorithm contains internal loops that can be optimised.
independentThe computer program had multiple independent loops
verticalThe daredevil pilot performed a series of vertical loops in the air show.
coronalThe coronal loops which are composed of hot plasma, extend from the Sun's surface into the corona.
outerThe outer loops of a nested structure can be accessed using the dot operator.
extracellularThe extracellular loops of the AMPA-type glutamate receptors are critical for their function.
blindThe assembler has been modified to stop blind loops in a microprocessor.
separateThe balloons are floating in separate loops
doubleI've got my double loops and I'm not afraid to use them!
causalDr. Emmett Brown's time machine could create causal loops
circularThe yarn was tightly wound into circular loops
numerousThe road contained numerous loops that made the driver dizzy.
openThe open loops of the control system caused the machine to malfunction.
glomerularThe presence of glomerular loops increases the surface area for filtration.
endlessWe found ourselves trapped in endless loops of recursive routines.
interstitialThe interstitial loops in the TEM micrograph are indicative of dislocation climb.
isolatedThe gene contains isolated loops and unlooped portions.
terminalThe terminal loops of the axons stimulate the muscles of the extremities.
shapedThe snakes slithered through the shaped loops in the snake charmer's basket.
prismaticThe colorful spectrums danced across the sky in prismatic loops
ilealA major incision is made directly over the mass and necrotized ileal loops are resected, and the abscess drained.
smallerI prefer to do the smaller loops first and then work my way up to the bigger ones.
complexHer mind was swirling with complex loops as she tried to understand the situation.
tightThe climbers ascended the cliff using tight loops
continuousThe continuous loops of the roller coaster provided an exhilarating experience.
intracellularThe intracellular loops of the protein were found to be essential for its function.
selfThe undirected graph contains self loops
successiveThe successive loops were essential to complete the project.
radialHer fingers each had radial loops that formed a pattern of circles.
longerThe longer loops of the roller coaster took our breath away.
controlledThey used controlled loops to ensure the accuracy of the data.
iterativeFor this task, it will be helpful to use iterative loops
horizontalThe gymnast gracefully swung through the horizontal loops
tinyThe tiny loops of thread held the button securely in place.
secondaryThe program uses secondary loops to iterate through all elements in a nested structure.
backKnit two stitches together through the back loops
peripheralThe peripheral loops of the network were tested for stability.
capillaryThe capillary loops in the dermis help to regulate body temperature.
jejunalThe jejunal loops were found to be dilated and filled with fluid.
narrowThe narrow loops in the fabric created an exquisite design.
whileWhile loops are used to iterate over the elements of a sequence.
strangeThe strange loops in the code caused the program to crash.
rectangularThe rectangular loops of wire were placed in the magnetic field.

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