Adjectives for Lord

Adjectives For Lord

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lord, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a lord can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, painting various portraits of power, age, or morality. A good lord suggests a moral or benevolent leader, while a noble lord emphasizes aristocratic lineage or high moral principles. Conversely, a feudal lord throws the reader back into the networks of loyalty and protection in medieval society. Age and vitality come into play when describing a young lord, hinting at both inexperience and potential for growth. Each adjective adds its own color to the canvas of conversation, subtly shifting meanings and implications. Dive deeper into the subtleties with the full list of adjectives perfect for lord.
goodGood lord you're so beautiful.
nobleThe noble lord greeted his guests with a warm smile.
dearDear lord I beseech thee to grant me strength in this trying time.
greatThe great lord commanded his knights to protect the castle.
feudalThe feudal lord subjugated the rebellious peasants.
youngThe young lord received his father's sword.
blessedThe blessed lord bestowed his favor upon the humble servant.
graciousGracious lord thank you for your abundant blessings.
oldThe old lord surveyed his lands with a melancholy gaze.
supremeDarth Vader was the supreme lord of the Sith.
sovereignThe sovereign lord has a right to the throne.
englishThe english lord was very wealthy.
lateThe late lord left behind a vast fortune.
mightyThe mighty lord ruled over the kingdom with wisdom and strength.
trueThe true lord of the castle was a wise and benevolent ruler.
powerfulThe powerful lord ruled over the vast kingdom with wisdom and strength.
mercifulThe merciful lord delivered us from harm.
superiorThe superior lord granted the land to his loyal knight.
divineThe divine lord bestowed his blessings upon the faithful.
belovedMy beloved lord I have come to thee at thy bidding.
absoluteThe absolute lord of the kingdom ruled with an iron fist.
holyHoly lord the test results came back and I'm cured!
gloriousThe glorious lord bestowed his blessings upon the devout followers.
exaltedThe exalted lord descended upon the mortal realm, radiating an ethereal glow that illuminated the darkness
rightfulThe rightful lord returned to claim his throne.
chiefThe chief lord was a benevolent ruler.
overThe over lord commanded his people to do his bidding.
soleThe sole lord ruled the land with an iron fist.
deadThe dead lord ruled with an iron fist.
manorialThe manorial lord surveyed his land from the top of the hill.
eternalThe eternal lord's wisdom guides us through difficult times.
righteousThe righteous lord shall reign over his people.
richThe immensely rich lord bestowed his wealth upon the needy.
dearestDearest lord I shall comply to your every command.
temporalThe temporal lord ruled over the vast expanse of the galaxy.
worthyThe worthy lord accepted the gift with a gracious smile.
absentThe absent lord left the castle to his loyal steward.
fairThe fair lord surveyed his kingdom with pride.
honourableThe honourable lord was most pleased.
universalThe universal lord in his infinite wisdom, provided a beacon of hope for the lost.
fourthThe fourth lord with his booming voice, commanded the attention of the entire court.
heavenlyThe heavenly lord bestowed upon us his divine blessings.
learnedThe learned lord had a reputation for being wise and impartial.
liegeThe knights swore fealty to their liege lord
singularThe singular lord overlooked the desolate streets.
irishThe Irish Lord's carriage was attacked by highwaymen.
wealthyThe wealthy lord built a grandiose mansion on the outskirts of town.
fifthThe fifth lord of the realm was a wise and just ruler.
territorialThe territorial lord was very powerful and controlled a vast amount of land.
wiseThe wise lord sat upon his throne, contemplating the kingdom's future.
illustriousThe illustrious lord commanded his loyal knights.
proudThe proud lord surveyed his vast estate with a sense of contentment.
mesneThe mesne lord owed fealty to his lord and provided military service in return for the land he held.
wickedThe wicked lord cast a sinister spell over the unsuspecting village.
preciousOh precious lord please hear my prayer.
incarnateThe incarnate lord looked down upon his followers with a benevolent smile.
honouredThe honoured lord descended from his golden throne.
hereditaryThe hereditary lord ruled over his vast lands with an iron fist.
5th5th lord was very powerful
undisputedHe remained the undisputed lord of the forest, reigning over all creatures that dared to step foot upon his lands.

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