Adjectives for Los

Adjectives For Los

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing los, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'los' can subtly shift its meaning, illuminating different facets of its essence. From 'york' evoking the bustling energy of the East Coast to 'chicago' conjuring images of windy, architectural wonders, each adjective paints a unique picture. 'California' adds a sunny, laid-back vibe, while 'average' and 'mean' introduce a statistical norm or an edge of toughness. 'Extra' suggests something beyond the usual, adding a layer of intensity or excess. Each combination opens a new narrative window, inviting readers to explore the rich tapestry of contexts and emotions these words together can create. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'los' below and see how they bring different colors and textures to your conversations and writings.
averageThe average loss over the past three months was 15%.
chicagoChicago los edificios eran altos y modernos.
extraThe extra los we ordered were delayed.
montereyMonterey los is a beautiful city by the sea.
worthIt is worth losing some things to find something else.
calCal los ignoró a ellos.
denverDenver los Angeles is a long drive.
diegoDiego los miró fijamente, sin pestañear.
shorterHer shorter los did not allow her to get the items she needed.
gonococcalThe gonococcal los is a bacterial infection that can cause pelvic inflammatory disease.
onlyI only lost my phone.
netThe company reported a net loss of $1 million in the fourth quarter.
totalEl total los gastos fueron 1000 euros.
pneumoniaI'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "pneumonia los." Can you please rephrase your question?
bostonI love Boston los
parisParis los grandes almacenes
saratogaThe Saratoga los Gatos Race Course is a thoroughbred horse racing track in Saratoga, California.
directDirect los compensa con la entrega de una parte del patrimonio incautado y retenido irregularmente.
washingtonWashington los Angeles
medianMedian los dos atacantes son jóvenes promesas.
inwardThe inward los perplexed the physicists.
inglewoodLet's explore Inglewood los Angeles and discover its hidden treasures.
miamiMiami los is a neighborhood in Weston, Florida.
visualThe pilot lost visual los with the plane at 500 feet.
urthonaUrthona los the eternal prophet, spoke of the coming of a new age.
postPost los de la guerra, muchos soldados sufrieron de estrés postraumático.
meningococcalMeningococcal los is a potential target for development of therapeutic strategies.
clearHe had a clear los to the target.
prePre los libros están en la estantería.
demyDemy los no me preguntes por qué.
dayDay los ago, I went to the store
dallasDallas los atrajo a ambos.
postoperativeThe patient had an uncomplicated postoperative los
novelEvery novel los is always happy to see you.
porqueNo me gusta el café porque los granos son amargos.
antiQueremos anti los mejores precios del mercado.
berkleyBerkley los is a popular destination for tourists.
berkelyI went to berkely los it's a beautiful city.
lowestI have the lowest los at the moment.
thenThen los told her to go.
overallOverall los are projected to decrease from 10% to 6%.
boundWe were bound los the walls of the building.
availableThis is available los
queEs importante que los estudiantes estudien mucho para el examen.

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