Adjectives for Loss

Adjectives For Loss

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing loss, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe loss can significantly alter the message's emotional impact. A total loss conveys a sense of utter devastation, implying no recovery is possible. A great loss, however, suggests a profound impact of a more emotional or metaphorical nature. Different still, a net loss introduces a calculative aspect, often used in financial contexts, highlighting numerical decline. With considerable or complete losses, the emphasis shifts towards the extent and completeness of the loss, respectively. Meanwhile, a heavy loss underscores the burden or overwhelming nature of the situation. Each adjective opens a new dimension to the noun, enriching the discourse. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with loss below.
totalThe accident was a total loss for the insurance company.
greatThe great loss saddened the entire community.
netThe company reported a net loss of $10 million in the last quarter.
considerableThe company suffered considerable loss in the last quarter.
completeThe accident resulted in a complete loss of the vehicle.
heavyThe company suffered heavy losses in the past quarter.
significantThe stock market crash caused significant loss to investors.
severeThe company faced a severe loss of its profits due to the pandemic.
seriousThe company incurred a serious loss in the latest quarter.
visualMy grandmother has experienced visual loss due to macular degeneration.
sensoryI've been experiencing some sensory loss in my left ear lately.
financialThe company faced a significant financial loss due to the economic downturn.
economicThe company reported an economic loss of $42 million in the third quarter.
actualThe actual loss in the project is still being calculated.
suddenThe sudden loss of her beloved dog left her devastated.
greaterThe greater loss came when the company lost its biggest client.
progressiveAs he aged, his progressive loss of memory became increasingly apparent.
possibleThe possible loss in profit margin could be significant.
muchWe have suffered much loss this year.
excessiveExcessive loss of blood can lead to anemia.
averageThe average loss was 0.001.
furtherThe continued fighting could lead to further loss of life.
partialHe suffered a partial loss of his hearing after the accident.
weightShe began a new diet and exercise routine for weight loss
rapidMy recent rapid loss of 10 pounds has been a mystery.
permanentThe permanent loss of data is a real possibility when using cloud storage.
potentialOur company must assume potential loss in some projects
personalThe recent personal loss has been weighing heavily on his mind.
gradualOver time, there was a gradual loss of interest.
irreparableThe earthquake caused irreparable loss
conductiveConductive loss is a type of heat transfer that occurs when two objects are in contact with each other.
annualThe company faced an annual loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
substantialThe company faced a substantial loss due to the economic downturn.
greatestThe greatest loss is the loss of hope.
slightThe slight loss was unexpected.
sensorineuralThe patient's sensorineural loss is most likely due to a tumor on the auditory nerve.
pecuniaryThe company has incurred a pecuniary loss of $1 million due to the recent fraud.
subsequentThe subsequent loss of data was significant.
lessThe new design resulted in less loss
termThe term loss is the difference between the actual value and the estimated value of a financial instrument.
apparentThe company reported an apparent loss of revenue in the fourth quarter.
terribleThe team suffered a terrible loss over the weekend.
neuronalThe neurological disorder is characterized by neuronal loss and synaptic dysfunction.
acuteThe acute loss of my beloved pet left a profound void in my heart.
inducedThe induced loss to the receptor by the agonist is consistent with an effect at the muscarinic cholinergic receptor.
minimumWe should strive to achieve the minimum loss possible.
fetalThe fetal loss was devastating for the family.
extensiveThe earthquake caused extensive loss of life and property.
tragicThe tragic loss of his family motivated him to dedicate his life to helping others.
correspondingThe corresponding loss of the victim's family is inestimable.
deadThe company had made a dead loss
markedThe marked loss of muscle mass can lead to a decline in functional capacity.
appreciableThe company incurred an appreciable loss due to the recent economic downturn.
resultingThe resulting loss was significant after the devastating storm.
massiveThe company suffered a massive loss in the last quarter.
expectedThe expected loss from the new investment is minimal.
maximumThe maximum loss was incurred by the insurance company.
enormousThe company suffered an enormous loss in the stock market crash.
evaporativeThe evaporative loss from the lake was significant during the hot summer months.
heatIncreased heat loss can lead to hypothermia and other medical issues.
functionalThe patient has experienced cognitive functional loss due to the stroke.
dielectricDielectric loss can be measured by the dissipation factor, which is the ratio of the product of capacitance and resistance to its capacitance.
bloodBlood loss is a serious medical condition that can lead to death if not treated promptly.
minimalWe managed to fix the issue with minimal loss
resultantThe resultant loss may result in the inability to access crucial information.
chronicShe complained to the doctor about her chronic loss of energy and headaches.
overallThe overall loss amounted to $100 million.
tremendousThe tremendous loss of life and property was a tragedy.
insensibleThe patient had insensible loss of 500 mL/day.
unilateralThe unilateral loss of sight was a devastating blow to the artist.

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