Adjectives for Losses

Adjectives For Losses

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing losses, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of losses through the lens of adjectives not only illuminates the gravity of a situation but also its nature and impact. Describing losses as heavy emphasizes the weight of what is gone, revealing a sense of profound impact. Large losses paint a picture of the scale, perhaps stretching beyond immediate recovery. When losses are termed total, the sense of irretrievability becomes palpable. Financial and economic modifiers point to the realm affected, offering a glimpse into the ripple effects on stability and growth. Meanwhile, severe losses cut deep, hinting at the difficulty of bouncing back. Each adjective, carefully chosen, can turn a general concept into a vivid, tangible reality. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to losses to grasp the nuanced perspectives each word brings.
heavyThe army suffered heavy losses in the battle.
largeThe company incurred large losses as a result of the failed merger.
totalThe company declared total losses due to the global economic downturn.
financialThe company has incurred significant financial losses
economicThe devastating storm caused economic losses amounting to millions of dollars.
severeThe company reported severe losses in the second quarter.
seriousThe company faced serious losses due to the economic downturn.
netThe company reported net losses of $10 million in the first quarter.
significantThe company reported significant losses in the last quarter due to the decline in demand.
substantialThe company incurred substantial losses last quarter.
considerableThe company suffered considerable losses in the last quarter.
hugeThe company reported huge losses in the last quarter.
potentialThe potential losses due to the project are estimated to be $1 million.
enormousThe company suffered enormous losses due to the economic downturn.
greaterThe company faced greater losses than expected.
possibleWe must consider the possible losses if we decide to proceed with this project.
currentThe current losses in the circuit must be reduced.
furtherThe company expects further losses in the coming quarters.
actualThe actual losses were far greater than what had been estimated.
additionalThe company announced additional losses of $10 million in the third quarter.
excessiveThe company's excessive losses forced it to file for bankruptcy.
britishBritish losses totalled over 40,000 men, including 13 generals.
germanThe German losses in the Battle of the Bulge were significant.
terribleThe battle was a disaster, resulting in terrible losses
frictionalFrictional losses are a type of energy loss that occurs when two surfaces rub against each other.
annualThe organization suffered annual losses of over $1 million.
futureWe also need to consider future losses due to climate change.
greatestThe greatest losses come from not taking chances.
mechanicalThe efficiency of an electric motor is reduced by mechanical losses due to friction and windage.
dielectricDielectric losses occur when electrical energy is dissipated in an insulating material.
termThe company reported term losses in the second quarter.
averageThe average losses for the month of May were $10,000.
tremendousThe company suffered tremendous losses last quarter.
minorThe minor losses in the system were not significant enough to affect the overall performance.
urinaryPelvic floor muscle exercises are popular as an intervention to treat urinary incontinence, however, no study has investigated the relationship between urinary losses and pelvic floor muscle strength.
territorialThe war caused significant territorial losses for the country.
massiveThe company reported massive losses in the last quarter.
multipleA series of multiple losses left him devastated.
fluidFluid losses can occur due to excessive sweating, diarrhea, or vomiting.
insensibleThe patient suffered insensible losses from sweating and breathing.
pastI've come to terms with my past losses
passiveThe investors in the real estate partnership were able to use their passive losses to offset their income taxes.
pecuniaryThe insurance policy covers pecuniary losses incurred due to the accident.
evaporativeThe evaporative losses were reduced by 10%.
heaviestThe battles inflicted the heaviest losses on Union forces.
catastrophicThe company's catastrophic losses forced it to file for bankruptcy.
inevitableThe passage of time brings inevitable losses
immenseThe immense losses due to the storm left the community devastated.
relatedThe company reported related losses of $10 million last year.
confederateBattle of Gettysburg had around 28,000 confederate losses
smallerThe smaller losses in the model led to a decrease in overall risk.
japaneseThe Japanese losses at the Battle of Midway were devastating.
conductiveConductive losses in transformers are mainly due to eddy currents and hysteresis losses in the core.
heatHeat losses are determined by transmission through the building envelope.
ohmicThe ohmic losses in the wire are negligible.
abnormalThe company reported abnormal losses in the last quarter due to unexpected expenses.
russianThe Russian losses in Ukraine are estimated to be in the tens of thousands.
thermalThe thermal losses of the building were reduced by 20% after the insulation was installed.
monetaryThe company suffered monetary losses due to the recent economic downturn.
indirectThe indirect losses are estimated to be much higher than the direct losses.
overallThe company incurred overall losses for the quarter.
gastrointestinalGastrointestinal losses can occur when there is damage to the lining of the stomach or intestines.
unexpectedWe suffered unexpected losses due to the sudden market crash.
sensoryThe patient experienced sensory losses in his hands and feet.

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