Adjectives for Lot

Adjectives For Lot

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lot, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'lot' carries a flexibility, transforming with adjectives that range from 'whole' to 'vacant', depicting both abundance and absence. It's fascinating how 'bad' and 'empty' can color the context with negativity, while 'common' subtly shifts it towards the mundane. Every adjective paired with 'lot' provides a unique hue, affecting its narrative weight and emotional impact. Describing a 'lot' with precision not only clarifies the extent or nature of what's being discussed but also evokes a richer, more vivid picture in the mind's eye. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover the nuances each brings to 'lot'.
wholeI ate a whole lot of pizza last night.
awfulThe awful lot of rain ruined the picnic.
vacantThe vacant lot was overgrown with weeds and littered with trash.
commonDespite the diversity of human experiences, certain events, such as birth, death, and love, are the common lot of all humanity.
emptyThe empty lot across the street was a magnet for neighborhood children.
hardHe had a hard lot but he struggled through it and achieved his goals.
betterIt is far better lot to live on water than under water.
worthThis painting is worth lot of money
entireShe bought the entire lot in one go.
fineThat was a fine lot of apples you gave me.
happyMy happy lot is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
acreThe house sits on a large five-acre lot.
mixedThe mixed lot of goods included everything from furniture to clothing.
backI spent the day exploring the back lot of the movie studio.
fatI asked for a refund, but they said they couldn't give me a fat lot of anything.
unhappyHis unhappy lot was the labor of a pioneer.
bigThe house with a big lot was a great investment.
sadThe sad lot of refugees continues to worsen with each passing day.
tremendousI have a tremendous lot to learn about the world.
niceThe nice lot was perfect for building a house.
oddThe investor began buying odd lot shares when the market took a downturn.
roughThe rough lot made it difficult to grow crops.
sorryThe sorry lot of them were unable to complete the task.
lookingShe's looking lot happier these days.
terribleWe had a terrible lot of fun at the party.
usedHe used lot of water during his shower.
happierThe children were given a happier lot in life thanks to the efforts of the charity.
adjoiningThe adjoining lot was overgrown with weeds.
freshThe fresh lot of strawberries was delivered this morning.
hugeThe huge lot was perfect for the new housing development.
dryThe cattle were moved to a dry lot during the winter months to protect them from the elements.
bloodyI've had a bloody lot of work to do lately.
wretchedThe wretched lot of them had to toil in the fields from dawn till dusk.
inevitableComing to terms with our inevitable lot is a part of life.
earthlyWe have all heeded the call of our earthly lot
adjacentThe adjacent lot is currently vacant and up for sale.
diverseShe had a diverse lot of friends, with different backgrounds and experiences.
narrowI squeezed my car into the narrow lot with ease.
footWe walked foot lot to get the materials we need.
woodThe hikers walked through the dense wood lot to get to the lake.
humbleShe lived in a humble lot all her life, content with what she had.
variedThe students were a varied lot with different interests and backgrounds.
roundThe company's shares are typically traded in round lots of 1,000 shares.
mightyThe old man had a mighty lot of trouble with his newfangled computer.
undergroundI parked my car in the underground lot
jollyYou have a jolly lot of courage.
pavedI parked my car in the paved lot
nearbyShe reserved a space in the nearby lot
miscellaneousThe miscellaneous lot was filled with all sorts of odds and ends.
splendidThe splendid lot of flowers filled the room with a lovely aroma.
crowdedThe movie theatre was packed to capacity, with cars filling the crowded lot

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