Adjectives for Lots

Adjectives For Lots

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lots, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating through the world of real estate and land ownership, the adjectives used with 'lots' can significantly impact the implication and value perceived. Whether you're exploring vacant lots, ripe for development, or small parcels perfect for a cozy home, each descriptor carries its own set of expectations and possibilities. Opt for a large lot for expansive projects, or consider several lots for a diverse investment. Each adjective, from different uses to empty spaces, adds a layer of nuance to how one views the potential of a piece of land. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives for 'lots' that can guide your property decisions and shape your project's narrative.
vacantThe vacant lots were filled with weeds and debris.
smallThe small lots were sold quickly.
largeThe house is on a cul-de-sac with large lots
severalThe developer has bought several lots to build the new shopping mall.
differentLet's try out these books from different lots
emptyThere are many empty lots in the abandoned neighborhood.
acreThe new housing development will have acre lots
smallerThere were smaller lots on the right side of the block.
individualThe developer sold the individual lots to different buyers.
oddThe broker purchased odd lots of one hundred shares because he did not have sufficient funds to buy a board lot.
residentialThe new subdivision has 100 residential lots
largerThey bought out the five smaller lots next door and joined them together into two larger lots
separateSeparate lots of land were given to the returning soldiers.
adjacentThe adjacent lots were sold to the same developer.
wholesaleThe store offers wholesale lots of different products.
roundThe broker only processes trades in round lots
narrowThe narrow lots made it difficult to build large houses.
openI was driving through town when I saw an open lots
backThe film was shot entirely on back lots in Hollywood.
commercialThere are many commercial lots available in the city center.
additionalWe provide a variety of additional lots for your convenience.
bigI went to Big lots to buy some new curtains.
footIt was quite a long distance from the house to the end of the foot lots
equalThe heirs divided the estate into equal lots
suburbanThere are many suburban lots in the area.
sizedThe developer is selling different sized lots for prospective home-buyers.
adjoiningHe bought two adjoining lots for $1,000.
successiveThe successive lots of land were surveyed and marked.
urbanThe urban lots were small and cramped.
townBefore the town lots had been sold, the surveyors drew a map to show the location of the lots.
numerousThe developer submitted a plan to rezone the property into numerous lots
hugeThree huge lots were sold for a total of $10 million.
valuableThe developer sold the remaining valuable lots to a renowned homebuilder.
unimprovedThere are numerous unimproved lots located in the vicinity of the property.
tonThe factory purchased the raw materials in ton lots to meet the increasing demand.
usedShe used lots of butter when she cooked.
unsoldThe unsold lots were quickly bought up by investors.
respectiveThe heirs shared the estate equally among their respective lots
mixedShe sold mixed lots of apples and oranges at the market.
woodThe wood lots were dense with trees.
stillThere are still lots of things to accomplish.
carloadWe can ship full carload lots or partial truckloads.
woodedThe house sits on several wooded lots
poundThe pound lots were overcrowded with unwanted pets.
tinyI have tiny lots of money.
contiguousThe owner wants to sell the contiguous lots in a bundle.
sacredThe sacred lots were cast in the temple, and the results were used to determine the future of the city.
cornerThe corner lots were the most desirable and expensive in the neighborhood.
fractionalMany brokerage firms now allow the trading of fractional lots
rectangularThe area is filled with all kinds of trees and rectangular lots
availableThere are several available lots on the outskirts of town.
subdividedThe land was divided into subdivided lots for the new neighborhood.
spaciousThe neighborhood has many spacious lots for sale.
incomingPlease check the incoming lots for any defects.
sureI'm sure lots of people would love to hear your story.
desirableThe home buyers were lucky to find a subdivision with desirable lots available.
outBecause the out lots were so flexible in service, they were quickly snapped up.
graveThe old graveyard had many grave lots for sale.
consecutiveThe two consecutive lots were sold to different buyers
interiorThe interior lots within the development were sold before the exterior ones.
crossShe walked across lots to get to the store.
shareHer parents share lots of information about her with others.
nearbyThe nearby lots were all full.

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