Adjectives for Louis

Adjectives For Louis

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing louis, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe louis can significantly alter the perception and narrative of your text. For instance, an andre louis might suggest a person imbued with sophistication or a specific reference, while a young louis evokes an image of vibrancy and potential. Conversely, old louis could denote wisdom or decay, depending on your context. Descriptors like little and poor louis add layers of empathy or sorrow, illustrating how even a few carefully chosen adjectives transform louis from a simple noun into a rich, complex character. Curious about more adjectives that can redefine louis? Scroll down to uncover a full list.
andreAndre louis is a renowned artist.
youngYoung louis was full of beans.
oldOld louis is a grumpy old man.
littleLittle louis loved his little lamb.
poorPoor louis he is always getting lost.
fewHe had a few louis put by.
lastThe last louis I have is in my pocket.
montHave you been to Mont louis recently?
unfortunateUnfortunate louis misplaced his keys.
dearDear louis I hope this letter finds you well.
goldenThe golden louis is a French gold coin first minted in 1640.
georgesGeorges louis supported the American Revolution by sending supplies to the colonists.
antoineAntoine louis was a pioneering French surgeon.
worthIt's a good book worth louis
jeanJean louis is a famous fashion designer.
nationalNational louis University was one of the universities participating in the program.
doubleI wish I had a double louis
etienneEtienne louis Malus was a French physicist, at the École Polytechnique in Paris.
claudeClaude louis Berthollet tackled the energy of chemical reactions.
metropolitanI visited the metropolitan louis Vuitton store in Paris.
lateLate louis is a well-known jazz saxophonist and composer.
southI live in south louis
andr6Andr6 louis is a great person.
armandArmand louis was a politician during the French Revolution.
suburbanThe suburban louis is a great place to live.
northI'm headed up to North louis for a few weeks.
reneRene louis is the boss of the company.
dayThe day louis was born, it was raining heavily.
piousThe pious louis IX was a devout Catholic who wanted to spread Christianity to the East.
henriHenri louis is a French footballer who plays for Monaco.
unhappyUnhappy louis sighed heavily.
saintMany famous historical figures visited Saint louis during the 19th century.
formerThe former louis Junior High School has been renovated into a business complex.
belovedMy beloved louis I will always cherish the time we spent together.
baptisteBaptiste louis is a French footballer who plays as a centre-back for Ligue 2 club Valenciennes.
saintlySaintly louis was a devout Christian who led the Seventh and Eighth Crusades.
augustinAugustin louis Cauchy was a French mathematician.
alphonseAlphonse louis is a successful entrepreneur.
fatFat louis was a well-known mobster in the early 20th century.
famousFamous louis who used to be a high-school basketball coach, started his career in 2020.
marieMarie louis debuted as an actress in 1835.
craftyCrafty louis slyly stole the diamond necklace from the unsuspecting guard.
liveLive louis wears a red tie.
goldThe gold louis was a French coin worth 24 livres.
centuryThe gold century louis designed by Nicolas Guy Antoine Brenet, depicts a civic crown and a winged torch on the reverse of the coin.
nativeNative louis was a great jazz saxophonist.
youthfulIn his youthful louis seems to have dabbled in literature.
eldestEldest louis was a brave and noble knight.
leanLean louis leant into the lean.
portPort louis is the capital city of Mauritius.
sixteenthThe sixteenth louis was executed during the French Revolution.
nearThe forest is located near louis
aubin"Aubin Louis Millin de Grandmaison" was a French antiquarian and man of letters.
downtownDowntown louis was a lively place, full of shops, restaurants, and people.
augusteAuguste louis ordered the closure of weekly markets in Qingdao, which he believed to be a breeding ground for infectious diseases.
magnificentMagnificent louis XIV, the Sun King, reigned over France for 72 years.
saultSault louis is a remarkable strait that connects Lake Huron and Lake Superior.
fatedFated louis the prince, walked with grace.
philippePhilippe louis was a French doctor who treated Napoleon and was Physician-in-Chief of the French military hospitals during the War in Spain against the British in 1808.
holyHoly louis what a mess you've made!
weakWeak louis was quickly overcome by the stronger opponent.
fifteenthThe fifteenth louis was Louis XV.
colonialThe colonial louis period in furniture design is known for its intricate carvings and elaborate details.

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