Adjectives for Lows

Adjectives For Lows

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lows, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe lows can significantly affect the tone and clarity of your writing. For instance, a new low suggests a fresh nadir, perhaps in performance or morale, implying a change or recent downturn. A historic low, on the other hand, contextualizes an event within a broader sweep of history, marking it as unprecedented. Descriptors like high and polar lows introduce ironic and geographical nuances, respectively, while topographic lows and time lows convey more specialized, context-specific senses. Each adjective weaves a distinct narrative thread, shading our understanding of lows with subtle implications. Explore the vast landscape of adjectives paired with lows for richer, more precise expressions below.
newTheir behavior reached new lows
historicThe company's stock hit historic lows in the recent market crash.
highThe rollercoaster had extremely high lows
polarPolar lows are mesoscale cyclones that form over polar regions.
topographicThe topographic lows in the region are often filled with water, creating lakes and wetlands.
timeThe prices have fallen to time lows
lowerThe stock market reached lower lows last week.
higherThe trend shows higher lows and higher highs.
extremeThe stock market reached extreme lows last week.
yearTemperatures will reach year lows on Tuesday.
subpolarPolar lows, also known as subpolar lows are small-scale low-pressure systems that occur in polar regions.
historicalInterest rates in the Eurozone have fallen to historical lows
deepThe storm brought winds with deep lows that shook the house.
previousThe economic downturn drove unemployment rates to their previous lows
structuralThe stock market is experiencing structural lows
emotionalThe divorce sent her into emotional lows
thermalThermal lows are areas of low atmospheric pressure that form over land surfaces that are heated by the sun, causing the air to rise and create an area of low pressure.
lowestThe lowest lows often lead to the highest highs.
seasonalSeasonal lows have been felt all across the nation.
icelandicThe storm is caused by Icelandic lows
coldThe cold lows turned the lake into an icy expanse.
tropicalThe tropical lows continue to pound the southern coastlines with heavy rainfall.
dailyThe daily lows will be in the upper 30s.
magneticThe ship steered clear of the magnetic lows in the area, hoping to avoid any potential deviations in its compass reading.
unprecedentedThe stock market experienced unprecedented lows during the economic crisis.
offThe stock market is off lows today.
weakThe weather forecast predicts weak lows this weekend.
averageKnowing the average lows in the winter can help you prepare for the cold.
recentThe temperature has risen to recent lows
postwarEconomic indicators have been at postwar lows for several years now.
minor"There are few minor lows here and there, but overall I am feeling much better!"
cyclicalThis cyclical lows reflect the ongoing market volatility.
successiveThe team endured successive lows throughout the season.
intenseI've been through intense lows but I've always managed to rise above them.
relativeShale tends to display these relative lows at positions that represent the boundaries of the sand.
weekThe temperatures reached week lows of 23 degrees.
secondaryThe continued southerly flow will bring secondary lows and another cold front toward the southern plains.
coastalSeveral days of rain and storms are expected as a series of coastal lows move up the coast.
overnightThe snow began to fall as overnight lows dropped to -10 degrees.
priorA series of new lows followed the prior lows
terribleUnprepared hikers can suffer terrible lows
recordTemperatures reached record lows across the region last night.
levelThe river's level lows were predicted to be at least 10 feet below normal.
dangerousThe weatherman warned of dangerous lows tonight.
geoidThe geoid is a mathematical figure representing the Earth's mean sea level, passing through geoid lows and geoid highs.
warmThe warm lows of the evening made it a perfect time to take a walk.
continentalContinental lows are centers of low atmospheric pressure that form over continents.
depressiveMy emotional state oscillated between manic highs and depressive lows
cyclonicThe pressure gradient between the center of cyclonic lows and the surrounding area creates strong winds that can reach hurricane force.
consecutiveShe lost five consecutive lows while playing poker.
bathymetricThe bathymetric lows of the North Atlantic Ocean are home to a diverse range of marine life.
devastatingHis mental health plunged him to devastating lows
frequentShe suffers from frequent lows
closedThe weather conditions were forecasted to have closed lows and high humidity.
atmosphericThe atmospheric lows brought heavy rainfall and strong winds to the region.
equatorialThe equatorial lows are characterized by low atmospheric pressure and calm winds.
extratropicalExtratropical lows are low-pressure areas that form outside of the tropics.
depressingThe stock market has been fluctuating with depressing lows
fewerThere were fewer lows this past season.
migratoryThe migratory lows are depressions that move seasonally from the Polar Regions towards the Equator.
adjacentThe adjacent lows on the weather map indicate a strong cold front approaching.
barometricThe storm's path could be altered by the barometric lows
latitudeThe latitude lows were causing an increase in sea ice cover.
disastrousThe stock market's disastrous lows made investors panic and sell off their shares.
semipermanentSarah's semipermanent lows began to fade a month after her last salon visit.
periodicThe athlete was prone to periodic lows in energy levels.
yearlyThe yearly lows in temperature occur during the winter months.
dirtyThe team will struggle in the "dirty lows" when the game starts to get physical.
oceanicThe three oceanic lows are the Aleutian Low, the Icelandic Low, and the Antarctic Polar Low.
incredibleFrom the highest highs to the incredible lows the roller coaster of life continues.

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