Adjectives for Luck

Adjectives For Luck

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing luck, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'luck' carries a myriad of connotations, shaped significantly by the adjectives it's paired with. Describing luck as 'good' or 'bad' invokes a universal understanding of fortunate or unfortunate outcomes, respectively. When we talk about 'ill luck', there's an implication of not just misfortune but also of regret or loss. Conversely, 'better luck' expresses hope and optimism for future endeavors. The notion of 'hard luck' touches on the struggles and challenges one might face, while 'much luck' amplifies the extent of fortune received. Each adjective nuances our understanding of luck, highlighting how pivotal descriptive words are in shaping perception and emotion. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'luck' below, each illustrated with its own unique sentence.
goodGood luck with your new job!
badI stepped on a nail and got tetanus. What bad luck
illThe gambler's ill luck at the casino resulted in him losing all his money.
hardI've had hard luck finding a job lately.
muchI wish you much luck in your future endeavors.
sheerThe painting survived the fall by sheer luck
worseI'm sorry to hear that. Worse luck
toughTough luck on your job application.
pureThe lottery win was pure luck but it changed his life forever.
rottenShe had rotten luck on her side, so she failed her fifth-grade science exam.
usualJim, by his usual luck met a beautiful woman on the bus who turned out to be an axe-murderer.
extraordinaryShe had extraordinary luck winning the lottery twice in a row.
blindI stumbled upon the winning lottery ticket by blind luck
wonderfulThe man attributed his success to wonderful luck
incredibleShe won the lottery twice thanks to her incredible luck
worstThe car had the worst luck always breaking down at the most inconvenient times.
rareShe won the lottery due to her rare luck
plainHe found the gold mine by plain luck
evilThe evil luck of the cursed merchant brought misfortune to all who crossed his path.
amazingI have amazing luck I won the lottery twice last week.
unexpectedThey had some unexpected luck on their trip.
exceptionalHe had an exceptional luck that day, winning the lottery twice in a row.
lousyThe gambler suffered lousy luck at the casino.
phenomenalMy streak of phenomenal luck has to end sometime.
awfulSitting back and waiting for awful luck to strike is not recommended.
fantasticThe gambler rode the crest of fantastic luck doubling his fortune.
unbelievableMia's unbelievable luck made her win the lottery twice in a year.
bloodyIt was bloody luck that we found the lost hikers before nightfall.
infernalThe gambler's infernal luck seemed to be taking its toll on his once-jovial demeanor.
proverbialShe has had proverbial luck and never had to work a day in her life.
epistemicThe epistemic luck of her knowledge made her feel confident in her assertions.
wretchedMy wretched luck led to the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
miraculousShe won the lottery twice due to her miraculous luck
constitutiveThe theorist of constitutive luck approached the situation hoping for a great outcome.
undeservedHer undeserved luck led her to stumble upon a million-dollar lottery win.
marvellousShe had marvellous luck for despite the fact that she had never played before, she won first prize in the lottery.
uncannyHis uncanny luck was enough to land a double-six when he desperately needed it.
astonishingHer astonishing luck had always amazed her friends.
yerYer luck's about to change.
damnI have damn luck so I won the lottery last week.

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