Adjectives for Luggage

Adjectives For Luggage

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing luggage, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe luggage can significantly affect the perception of your narrative. Describing luggage as heavy immediately sets a tone of burden or challenge, suggesting a physically demanding journey. Conversely, referring to it as little portrays a lighter, perhaps more carefree travel experience. The use of personal or own introduces an element of intimacy and possession, hinting at the personal stories and memories tied to these items. Meanwhile, much and more hint at the quantity, perhaps hinting at overpacking or preparation for a long trip. Each adjective weaves a unique aspect of the travel tale. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with luggage to enrich your storytelling.
heavyI lugged my heavy luggage up the stairs.
muchHe brought much luggage on his trip.
personalHe packed his personal luggage and set off on his journey.
ownI carried my own luggage to the check-in counter.
littleShe packed little luggage for the weekend trip.
moreThe tourists arrived at the airport with more luggage than they could carry.
onlyI traveled with only luggage
lightShe packed light luggage for her weekend trip.
excessThere was an excess luggage fee for the overweight suitcase.
extraMy extra luggage was too heavy to carry.
handThe hand luggage must fit under the seat in front of you.
expensiveHe packed his expensive luggage into the trunk of the car.
entireI left my entire luggage at the airport.
lostI'm sorry to hear about your lost luggage
heavierI am dragging a heavier luggage than usual due to the souvenirs I bought in Bangkok.
enoughHe carried enough luggage for a month-long trip.
softI prefer soft luggage when I travel because it's easy to pack and carry.
ordinaryMy ordinary luggage may be lost somewhere, but I am sure my precious photo album will still be with me.
modestThe traveler carried modest luggage containing only the essentials for their journey.
lessI prefer to travel with less luggage
registeredI checked my registered luggage at the airport.
unnecessaryThe traveler hauled her suitcase filled with unnecessary luggage onto the train.
bulkyI had to pay extra for my bulky luggage
intellectual"It's important to share knowledge with others, especially the young, who are hungry to fill their intellectual luggage."
necessaryThe necessary luggage for our trip included passports, visas, and essential toiletries.
cumbersomeThe family hauled their cumbersome luggage onto the train.
meagerJohn arrived at the city with only his meager luggage
sidedI packed my clothes in a two-sided luggage.
valuableThe valuable luggage was stolen from her car.
lighterThe traveler set off on their journey with lighter luggage
lightweightThe airline requires you to check in your heavy suitcases, but allows you to bring a lightweight luggage as a carry-on.
soleI carried all my belongings in one sole luggage
overweightThe airline charged him extra for his overweight luggage
uselessThe useless luggage was left in the corner of the room.
lookingI'm sorry, I cannot find any examples of sentences with the phrase "looking luggage".
scantThe traveler arrived with scant luggage and a world of possibilities.
meagreThe traveler arrived at the destination with meagre luggage
superfluousHis superfluous luggage made it difficult to navigate through the crowded airport.
batteredHis battered luggage showed signs of the arduous journey.
preciousThe traveler guarded his precious luggage as if it held all his worldly possessions.
unclaimedThe unclaimed luggage gathered dust in the airport's storage area.
cheapI packed all my belongings in the cheap luggage
unaccompaniedThe unaccompanied luggage was piled up in the corner of the baggage claim area.
packedShe lugged her packed luggage across the airport.
emotionalShe was carrying a lot of emotional luggage after her divorce.
emptyThe traveler boarded the plane with empty luggage
smartThe smart luggage has a built-in GPS tracker so you can always find it, even if it gets lost.
wheeledHe pulled his wheeled luggage past the crowd.
assortedThe assorted luggage filled the trunk of the car.
slenderI wheeled my slender luggage through the crowded airport.
piledThe piled luggage made it hard to walk through the aisle.
minimalPack minimal luggage for a hassle-free journey.
scatteredThe scattered luggage littered the airport terminal.
looseThe loose luggage bag was left on the bus.
voluminousThe porter struggled to lift the traveler's voluminous luggage
miscellaneousThe miscellaneous luggage cluttered the floor of the storage closet.
enormousHe carried his enormous luggage through the crowded airport.
fancyI can't believe you traveled with such fancy luggage
diplomaticThe diplomatic luggage was carefully inspected by customs officials.
niceThe traveler pulled her nice luggage behind her as she walked.
heaviestThe heaviest luggage was too much for him to carry on his own.
shabbyHe arrived at the hotel with his shabby luggage
monogrammedMy monogrammed luggage instantly stands out on the baggage claim carousel.
unattendedBeware of unattended luggage in public areas.

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