Adjectives for Lunch

Adjectives For Lunch

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lunch, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe lunch can significantly impact the imagery and appeal of your message. A 'free lunch' conjures thoughts of unexpected perks, while a 'good lunch' promises satisfaction and quality. Opting for 'late' or 'early lunch' introduces a sense of time, affecting the reader's perception of convenience or disruption. A 'light lunch' suggests a meal that's easy on the stomach, ideal for those mindful of their dietary intake, whereas a 'quick lunch' speaks to the fast-paced lives many lead. Each adjective unveils a unique aspect of the dining experience, inviting readers to explore the full spectrum of possibilities.
freeThere is never a free lunch someone must have paid for it.
goodI had a good lunch at the restaurant.
lateI had a late lunch with my colleagues yesterday.
lightI had a light lunch today.
quickI need to grab a quick lunch before my meeting.
earlyI had an early lunch with my colleagues.
ownI packed my own lunch today.
hotThe children were excited for hot lunch
niceI'd like to invite you to a nice lunch at a restaurant near the office.
longI took a long lunch with my colleagues.
littleI'm so hungry, I could eat a little lunch right now.
excellentThe restaurant offered an excellent lunch at an affordable price.
bigI had a big lunch and I'm feeling very full.
coldI'm going to have a cold lunch today.
deliciousThe smell of the delicious lunch made my stomach growl with anticipation.
packedThe students enjoyed the packed lunch prepared by their parents.
leisurelyI enjoyed a leisurely lunch by the lake.
afterI took a nap after lunch
simpleI would like to eat a simple lunch with soup and sandwich.
heartyI enjoyed a hearty lunch with my colleagues.
pleasantI enjoyed my pleasant lunch with a good friend.
hastyI grabbed a hasty lunch on the way to the meeting.
hourI'll take an hour lunch before the meeting.
fineI'll have a fine lunch of sushi and a salad.
quietI enjoyed a quiet lunch in the park.
wonderfulI enjoyed my wonderful lunch
heavyI had a heavy lunch and now I can hardly keep my eyes open.
sumptuousWe dined on a sumptuous lunch of grilled salmon and asparagus.
hurriedI had to rush to work, so I only had a hurried lunch
schoolThe school lunch was delicious and nutritious.
substantialI had a substantial lunch of roast beef and vegetables.
preI will finish my work before pre lunch
usualMy usual lunch is a turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, and avocado.
lovelyI had a lovely lunch at my favorite restaurant.
dailyJohn had a daily lunch meeting with his team.
postLet's schedule a meeting post lunch
informalMy team gathered for an informal lunch to discuss the latest project.
delightfulMy delightful lunch brightened my dreary day.
cookedI like to eat a cooked lunch every day.
hugeI ate a huge lunch
regularJohn had a regular lunch
frugalShe packed a frugal lunch of sandwiches and fruit.
preparedI packed a prepared lunch for my hike.
typicalThe typical lunch here is a sandwich and a salad.
decentI had a decent lunch at a local restaurant.
morningI'll have a morning lunch today.
splendidWe had a splendid lunch with our friends.
martiniThe classy bistro was well-known for its upscale martini lunches.
favoriteMy favorite lunch is a tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread.
healthyI packed a healthy lunch for my hike.
occasionalWe have occasional lunch at a restaurant near the office.
tastyThe tasty lunch was perfect for the afternoon picnic.
expensiveThe expensive lunch at the fancy restaurant was well worth the price.
cheapShe went to the restaurant to get a cheap lunch
elaborateWe had an elaborate lunch with multiple courses and fine wines.
weeklyI had a weekly lunch with my colleagues.
vegetarianMy friend had a vegetarian lunch at the new restaurant.
brownI packed a brown lunch for my hike.
casualI'll be free for a casual lunch on Friday.
picnicWe packed a picnic lunch and headed to the park.
dayI had a delicious day lunch with my friends.
liquidThe team took a long, boozy liquid lunch and returned to work slightly disoriented.
elegantWe enjoyed an elegant lunch at the rooftop restaurant.
nutritiousThe nutritious lunch provided the students with the energy they needed to focus in class.
enormousThe enormous lunch made him sluggish for the rest of the day.
briefI had a brief lunch with my colleagues.
modestWe had a modest lunch at the cafe down the street.
solitaryI sat down to a solitary lunch in the cafeteria.
warmThe students enjoyed their warm lunch in the cafeteria.
lavishThe couple enjoyed a lavish lunch at the exquisite restaurant.
meagerThe hikers carried only a meager lunch which left them hungry later in the day.
minuteI only had a minute lunch because I was so busy with work.
celebratoryThe celebratory lunch was a grand affair with champagne and caviar.
balancedMy balanced lunch gave me the energy I needed to get through the rest of the day.

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