Adjectives for Lung

Adjectives For Lung

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lung, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives when describing the 'lung' can significantly alter the perspective and understanding of this essential organ. Whether we're discussing the 'right' lung, with its unique characteristics, or the 'left' lung, which slightly differs in size due to the heart's placement, every adjective adds depth to our comprehension. Adjectives such as 'human' and 'normal' highlight the species-specific and healthy state aspects, while 'fetal' introduces a developmental perspective, emphasizing changes pre-birth. The subtle nuances these adjectives bring to the table enrich our discussions, making it crucial to pick the most accurate descriptor. Dive into the full list of adjectives tailored for 'lung' to explore these intricacies further.
rightThe right lung is larger than the left lung.
leftThe left lung is slightly smaller than the right lung.
humanThe human lung is the primary organ of respiration and is responsible for gas exchange.
normalThe patient has normal lung parenchyma.
fetalThe fetal lung is a crucial organ that undergoes significant development throughout pregnancy.
heartThe heart lung machine kept the patient alive during surgery.
entireA tumor that had spread throughout his entire lung was discovered.
collapsedThe diver surfaced with a collapsed lung
wholeThe patient's whole lung was filled with fluid.
ratThe rat lung is a complex organ that plays a vital role in the respiratory system.
affectedThe affected lung was removed during surgery.
blackThe miner developed black lung from years of exposure to coal dust.
oppositeThe opposite lung is not affected and is functioning normally.
diseasedThe patient's diseased lung required immediate medical attention.
healthyHer healthy lung continued to function after a long illness.
oneHe was gasping for breath, coughing up blood, and wheezing with one lung
contralateralThe contralateral lung was clear on auscultation.
lowerThe lower lung is responsible for gas exchange.
dependentThe patient had dependent lung disease.
adjacentThe tumor was located in the adjacent lung
mammalianThe mammalian lung is a complex organ that is responsible for gas exchange.
isolatedThe isolated lung showed increased perfusion and ventilation in the transplanted lobes.
consolidatedThe patient had a consolidated lung on the left side.
upperThe upper lung fields were clear to percussion and auscultation.
emphysematousThe severely emphysematous lung was basically a large sac of air with no recognizable anatomical features on the cut surface.
artificialThe patient is recovering after a month of using an artificial lung
openThe patient had open lung surgery to remove the tumor.
puncturedThe doctor examined the man's punctured lung
rabbitThe rabbit lung is a complex organ that plays a vital role in the respiratory system.
atelectaticThe patient's atelectatic lung was the result of a prolonged period of immobility.
transplantedThe patient's transplanted lung was functioning well.
honeycombAir pollution can cause honeycomb lung a serious respiratory condition.
ipsilateralThe ipsilateral lung had a pneumothorax.
shockThe patient developed shock lung after a severe infection.
doubleHe had a double lung transplant two years ago.
bovineThe scientist was studying the bovine lung under a microscope.
embryonicThe embryonic lung is a complex and dynamic organ that undergoes significant development during gestation.
sunHis sun lung was matted with blood and gore.
peripheralThe peripheral lung lesions were consistent with multiple small pulmonary emboli.
wetThe patient has wet lung and is coughing up blood.
pigThe pig lung was cooked to perfection.
adultThe adult lung is a complex organ with a large surface area.
injuredThe injured lung was causing him a lot of pain.
unaffectedThe unaffected lung tissue showed no signs of inflammation.
hypoplasticThe hypoplastic lung was removed surgically.
ventilatedThe ventilated lung tissue had a higher oxygen consumption than the non-ventilated tissue.
brownBrown lung is a respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of cotton dust or other organic matter.
nativeThe patient has a native lung that is functioning well.
correspondingThe corresponding lung was filled with fluid.
uprightThe doctor examined the patient's upright lung
nondependentThe patient has a nondependent lung that is not fully expanding.
soundHe has sound lungs.
infectedThe infected lung showed signs of scarring and inflammation.
chronicHe suffered from multiple bouts of pneumonia, which led to chronic lung damage.
perfusedThe perfused lung exhibited a significant increase in airway resistance compared to the control lung.
inflamedThe doctor examined the patient's inflamed lung
neonatalThe neonatal lung is immature and has a limited capacity for gas exchange.
pneumonicThe patient had a radiograph showing a pneumonic lung
foetalThe lungs begin as a hollow outpouching of the foregut, called the foetal lung
inflatedThe doctor used a stethoscope to listen to the patient's inflated lung
tuberculousThe patient was diagnosed with a tuberculous lung infection.
aeratedThe aerated lung tissue was removed and fixed in 10% formalin.
avianThe microscopic structure of the avian lung is similar to that of the mammal.
immatureThe baby was born with immature lungs.
abnormalThe abnormal lung tissue was removed during surgery.
distalThe distal lung is the outermost part of the lung, where gas exchange takes place.
donorThe patient's recovery took longer than expected after receiving a donor lung
unilateralThe patient had a unilateral lung lesion.
excisedThe excised lung was sent to pathology for further examination.
trappedPete's trapped lung made it challenging for him to breathe.
nonventilatedThe nonventilated lung exhibited signs of volume loss.
intactThe patient's intact lung showed no signs of disease.
rheumatoidRheumatoid lung is a rare condition that causes inflammation and scarring of the lungs.
asthmaticThe patient had a history of asthmatic lung** and was treated with inhaled corticosteroids.
newbornThe newborn lung is a complex organ that undergoes rapid development and maturation after birth.
stiffThe stiff lung made breathing difficult.
chinThe chin lung is a mythical creature that is said to be the king of all serpents.
matureThe patient's mature lung tissue was suitable for transplantation.
uninvolvedThe uninvolved lung did not show any signs of congestion.
containingThe smoke from the fire was heavy and containing lung-irritating chemicals.
hepatizedThe hepatized lung was firm and red, and it sank in water.
solidifiedThe solidified lung was removed from the patient during surgery.
residualGas exchange occurs in the residual lung which is filled with gas at the end of expiration.

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