Adjectives for Luther

Adjectives For Luther

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing luther, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'Luther' significantly colors the perception and understanding of the subject. A 'young Luther' evokes an image of vitality and potential, emphasizing his early life or beginnings. Contrastingly, 'old Luther' suggests a figure of wisdom and possibly weariness, drawing attention to his later years. Describing him as 'great' not only highlights his historical importance but also his impact and achievements. 'German Luther' emphasizes his nationality, tying his identity and work to a specific geographical and cultural context. The adjective 'poor' introduces a socio-economic dimension, suggesting struggles or humility, whereas 'second' can imply a comparison, ranking, or a successive aspect. Each adjective brings its unique nuance, reflecting the multifaceted nature of Luther. Dive into our full list of adjectives to explore the rich tapestry of meanings each one brings.
youngYoung luther was a brilliant student who excelled in his studies.
oldOld luther was a famous musician.
greatThe great luther was a renowned theologian.
germanGerman luther in the 16th century was a pivotal figure in the Protestant Reformation.
poorPoor luther was left all alone in the dark.
secondThe second luther was a Protestant reformer who led the Reformation in England.
littleLittle luther the playful kitten, darted around the house with reckless abandon.
earlyEarly luther was a strong proponent of sola fide, the doctrine that salvation is by faith alone.
olderOlder luther and his wife had four children.
protestantThe Protestant luther argued that salvation comes through faith alone.
realReal luther wears a straw hat.
religiousReligious luther was created by Martin
matureThe mature luther was a complex and paradoxical figure.
strongThe strong luther beat on the anvil.
heroicThe heroic luther led his people to freedom.
dearDear luther I hope this letter finds you well.
trueTrue luther is the only one who can save us.
compareI should compare luther with other reformers.
complacentThe complacent luther was not doing his duty.
historicalHistorical luther provides insights into the development of Lutheran thought.
youngerThe younger luther was a rebellious spirit.
observedObserved luther lying on his bed, looking very ill, and with a white cloth over his face.
augustinianAugustinian luther is the term used to describe the theological views of Martin Luther during his Augustinian period.
belovedMartin Luther is often referred to as the"beloved Luther".
immortalImmortal luther a wise sage, transcended mortality.
erasmusErasmus luther was a German theologian, priest, reformer, and composer.
honestHonest luther had never told a lie in his life, which made his words all the more believable.
latterThe latter luther favored works righteousness, while the former Luther opposed them.
lateLate luther attended the University of Erfurt.
contemporaryThe contemporary luther is a type of violin that is tuned a fifth lower than the standard violin.
martinusMartinus luther was a German theologian and a central figure in the Protestant Reformation.
boldThe bold luther led the Reformation and defied the authority of the Pope.
incombustibleIncombustible luther was a man of great faith.
mightyMighty luther was a giant in the Reformation.
blessedBlessed luther preached the Gospel of God's grace.
piousThe pious luther preached about the importance of faith and good works.
celebratedShe celebrated luther for his incredible book.
majesticThe majestic luther strides across the savanna.
earlierEarlier luther had made several friendly offers and overtures to Erasmus.
heartedShe was a kind-hearted luther, and she always helped those in need.
obedientThe obedient luther followed his master's every command.
deadI can't believe Dead luther is canceled.
liveLive luther live-streamed a concert at the historic El Rey Theatre.
assistedThe assisted luther helped the disabled person to move around.
conservativeThe conservative luther stood by his beliefs, no matter what the cost.
genuineThe genuine luther went by plane.
braveBrave luther stood firm against the church's authority.
sixteenthHe was the sixteenth luther to wear that flashy hat.
nobleThe noble luther led the people in their fight for freedom.
graciousGracious luther protector of the hunted, show us the path to safety.
hearI'm afraid I didn't hear luther
holyMy holy luther haven't you ever seen an alien before?
grandThe grand luther was a wise and benevolent ruler.
energeticThe energetic luther was always up for a hike.
formidableDespite the formidable luther the castle was captured with ease.
fieryThe fiery luther raged against the injustice of the world.
falseThe false luther was exposed by the true doctrine.
jollyJolly luther quickly ran away from the goblins.
wickedWicked luther was an old-school thrasher who loved skate punk and Sabbath but never missed a Mass.
ardentThe ardent luther condemned the pope's actions.
medievalThe medieval luther was played using a bow.
prematureThe premature luther was a genetic anomaly that resulted in an unusually early birth.
ingeniousThe ingenious luther had a knack for coming up with original and novel solutions.

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