Adjectives for Lying

Adjectives For Lying

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lying, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'lying' can significantly influence the context and emotional tone of a statement, turning a simple act into a multi-dimensional narrative. Describing someone as 'pathological' lying adds a clinical, serious tone, suggesting a habitual, uncontrollable behavior. Conversely, 'silly' lying paints a more benign, perhaps even humorous picture of deceit. 'Political' lying hints at the strategic, often accepted fabrications within the realm of governance. Each adjective, from 'low' to 'deep', layers the act of lying with unique shades of meaning, complexity, and judgment, teasing out the intricacies of truth and deception in our daily lives. Explore our full list of adjectives used with 'lying' to see how each word transforms the act into an art.
lowThe low lying clouds cast a grey shadow over the fields.
politicalPolitical lying undermines trust and divides society.
sideThe patient was positioned in a side lying position.
deepThe deep lying midfielder intercepted the pass and started a counterattack.
proneDespite his prone lying the defendant was found guilty of the crime.
highThe high lying clouds hinted at a change in weather.
gross"Gross lying" is an understatement.
hardHe is hard lying on the sofa.
supineThe injured man was in supine lying in the hospital bed.
untroubledHer untroubled lying astonished me.
faceI saw the child hiding under the bed, eyes wide and face lying
patientThe patient lying on the bed was in a coma.
downrightHer downright lying about the situation made me lose trust in her.
recumbentThe recumbent lying position is used in medical imaging procedures to reduce the risk of contrast-related renal damage.
notI'm not lying to you.
placidThe placid lying cat stretched out in the sun.
dullThe dull lying boy was discovered when his parents found a note in his pocket.
boundThe accused was found guilty of his bound lying to the court.
partThe coat was part lying on the chair and part hanging over the arm.
toesThe toes lying straight and still were no longer capable of movement.
intrinsicHer intrinsic lying made it impossible for anyone to trust her.
premeditatedThe premeditated lying of his opponent left him furious.
cleverHer clever lying made it difficult to know what was true.
icelandIceland lying between Greenland and Norway is an island country.
freeThe free lying data was not enough to make any claims.
halfI found myself half lying when I told my parents I was going to the library to study.
frontThe front lying enemy was defeated in the battle.
rockThe small rock lying in the dust was perfectly round.

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