Adjectives for Lyric

Adjectives For Lyric

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing lyric, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'lyric' can adopt various nuances depending on the adjectives it's paired with. A 'choral lyric' immerses us in a collective harmony, while a 'short lyric' delivers its essence in a brief, impactful manner. 'Dramatic lyrics' pull us into an emotional whirlwind, contrasting with the tranquility of 'religious lyrics'. Whether it's the rhythmic beauty of 'English lyrics' or the historical depth of 'Greek lyrics', each combination opens a new dimension of interpretation and feeling. These adjectives not only describe the lyric but also paint a vivid picture of its context and effect. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'lyric' for a deeper appreciation of language's power.
choralThe choral lyric which is a style of music, was heard throughout the building.
shortShe sang a short lyric from her favorite song.
dramaticThe dramatic lyric was written by the famous poet and playwright.
englishI'm listening to an English lyric song.
religiousThe religious lyric often expresses a longing for the divine.
greekThere are many stanzas in Greek lyric poetry.
littleThe little lyric was etched into a silver locket.
beautifulThe beautiful lyric soared through the air, captivating the audience with its timeless melody.
romanticThe piano's romantic lyric filled the room.
medievalThe medieval lyric is a genre of poetry that flourished in the Middle Ages.
pureHer pure lyric melody enchanted the audience.
courtlyThe courtly lyric flourished in the high middle ages.
germanThe concert featured several German lyric songs.
personalThe personal lyric is a form of poetry that expresses the poet's own thoughts and feelings.
elizabethanThe Elizabethan lyric style is known for its vivid imagery and its use of metaphor and symbolism.
modernThe band's modern lyric captured the zeitgeist of the 21st century.
popularShe sang a popular lyric that everyone knew.
briefThe brief lyric was filled with emotion.
simpleThe simple lyric evoked a sense of nostalgia.
exquisiteThe novel’s exquisite lyric evokes a visceral sense of place.
centuryThe century lyric is a type of song that was popular in the 19th century.
frenchThe french lyric in the song is beautiful.
singleHer single lyric soared through the stadium.
perfectThe beauty of nature is a perfect lyric
trueThe true lyric is 'I want to dance the night away'
latinThe Latin lyric was developed by poets such as Horace, Catullus, and Ovid.
lovelyThe lovely lyric lingers in my mind.
secularThe secular lyric a genre of poetry that emphasizes humanist themes and worldly concerns, has a rich history.
fineThe song has fine lyric
traditionalThe traditional lyricism of the song spoke to the audience's hearts.
charmingThe singer's charming lyric captivated the audience.
originalI love the original lyrics of the song.
pastoralThe beauty of the countryside and rural life is depicted in the poem in the pastoral lyric
italianThe italian lyric soared through the audience.
provencalThe troubadour sang a haunting tune in Provencal lyric
knownThe song's known lyric was 'She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes'.
reflectiveThe reflective lyric in the song resonated deeply with me.
finestEveryone would agree upon the finest lyric in the song.
contemporaryShe sang an ancient song in a contemporary lyric
meditativeThe album's meditative lyricism invites listeners to reflect on life's profound mysteries.
classicalThe classical lyricism of the song transported the audience to a bygone era.
devotionalThe devotional lyric expresses the singer's personal relationship with God.
nobleThe novel's noble lyric transports readers to a realm of beauty and despair.
archaicThe archaic lyric is a type of poetry that was popular in ancient Greece.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical lyric is a genre of poetry that explores abstract philosophical concepts and themes.
conventionalThe conventional lyric is a common form of poetry.
sentimentalThe sentimental lyric evoked memories of the past.
europeanThe poem is written in a traditional European lyric form.
immortalThe immortal lyric rang out in the concert hall.
patrioticThe patriotic lyric soared through the airwaves.
subjectiveThe subjective lyric was a popular form of poetry in the 19th century.
spanishThe song's spanish lyric is beautiful.
earlierThis is an earlier lyric from the song.
descriptiveThe descriptive lyric captured the emotions of the moment.
didacticThe didactic lyric is a type of poetry that teaches a moral lesson.
typicalThe song features a typical lyric with a simple melody and repetitive chorus.
sacredThe sacred lyric was a poignant reminder of the deep faith that had sustained the community through centuries of hardship.
lineHer pretty words were like a line lyric in a song.
musicalThis musical lyric has been stuck in my head for days.
occasionalAn occasional lyric from the radio filled the air as the sun set.
laterEvery critic dismissed his early poems, but later lyrics hinted at his potential.
petrarchanLove is the most beautiful and powerful force in the world, and Petrarchan lyrics are a testament to this power.
formalThe formal lyric is a type of poetry that is meant to be sung.
wonderfulThe song had a wonderful lyric
sweetThe singer's sweet lyric soared through the air.
mediaevalThe mediaeval lyric is often characterized by its use of allegory and symbolism.
passionateShe sang the passionate lyric with great emotion.

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