Adjectives for Machine

Adjectives For Machine

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing machine, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a machine can significantly alter its perception. A new machine implies modernity and unexplored potential, while a political machine suggests maneuvering and strategy within societal structures. The concept of a virtual machine transports us into the digital realm, highlighting technology's expansiveness. Conversely, a military machine emphasizes strength, strategy, and sometimes controversy. Describing a machine as automatic touches on efficiency and innovation, whereas a single machine might spotlight uniqueness or limitation. Each adjective not only colors the noun with distinct shades of meaning but also invites deeper conversation about its role and impact. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'machine' and explore the nuanced worlds they unveil below.
newWe got a new machine that can do everything
politicalThe political machine was in full swing during the election.
virtualThe virtual machine is running on a remote server.
militaryThe mighty military machine rumbled through the city streets.
automaticThe automatic machine dispensed a can of soda.
singleI need to set up a single machine to run the tests.
electricThe electric machine hummed as it churned out widgets.
wholeHe was able to repair the whole machine in one hour.
electricalThe electrical machine was humming loudly.
rayThe ray machine is used to treat cancer.
localI need to access the local machine's files.
manThe latest man machine interface eliminates the need for physical keyboards.
particularI am looking for a particular machine that can help me with my work.
simpleThe seesaw is a simple machine that uses leverage to lift heavy objects.
powerfulThe powerful machine hummed with activity.
germanThe German machine was a powerful force.
synchronous"The synchronous machine is a type of alternating current (AC) generator that produces a sinusoidal output voltage at a fixed frequency."
bigThe big machine rumbled and shook the whole building.
administrativeThe administrative machine ground to a halt.
mereThe mere machine hummed with anticipation.
sewingI need to oil the sewing machine before using it.
hugeThe huge machine hummed loudly as it worked.
makingThe new making machine is very efficient.
vastThe vast machine was intricately designed to perform complex calculations.
remoteI need to access the remote machine to complete the task.
universalThe universal machine is a theoretical model of a computer capable of simulating any other computer system.
infernalThe clocktower's infernal machine ticked down to its final second, threatening to obliterate the city.
industrialThe industrial machine hummed loudly as it churned out a continuous stream of products.
efficientThe scientist keeps the engine as an efficient machine
democraticThe democratic machine ground to a halt when the incumbent refused to concede defeat.
complexThe complex machine was able to perform calculations that would have taken a human weeks to complete.
abstractThe abstract machine executes code that has not yet been compiled into machine code.
poleThe pole machine quickly spun the metal rod, creating a smooth surface.
finiteThe finite machine is a simple model of computation that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems.
perfectThe perfect machine will change the world.
complicatedThe complicated machine performed its task with astonishing accuracy.
portableThe portable machine is easy to carry around.
drivenThe driven machine was unstoppable.
parallelThe parallel machine was able to process the data much faster than the sequential machine.
perpetualThe perpetual machine seemed like a dream, but it was just an illusion.
standardThe company's standard machine was designed to produce high-quality products.
bureaucraticThe bureaucratic machine was grinding slowly, but it was grinding.
oiledThe team moved like an oiled machine each member executing their role with precision.
stateThe state machine is a mathematical model that can be used to represent the behavior of a system.
typeThe old man was typing on a mechanical type machine
hydraulicThe hydraulic machine was used to lift the heavy load.
republicanThe Republican machine in the county was well-oiled and effective.
electronicThe electronic machine beeped loudly.
wonderfulThe wonderful machine works efficiently and surprises me.
spinningThe spinning machine was whirring loudly, filling the air with a monotonous hum.
verticalThe vertical machine was used to produce the parts we needed.
sequentialThe finite state machine is a sequential machine where the order of inputs matters.
typicalThe typical machine was simple and easy to use
mechanicalThe mechanical machine whirred and clanked as it performed its repetitive task.
rotaryThe rotary machine is a type of electrical machine that converts AC electrical energy into mechanical energy.
automatedThe automated machine quickly and efficiently sorted the items.
cuttingThe cutting machine sliced through the metal with ease.
staticThe static machine crackled and sparked, sending a jolt of electricity through the air.
governmentalThe governmental machine was running smoothly and efficiently.
giantThe giant machine was whirring and grinding away.
continuousIn a continuous machine the output is dependent on the input.
expensiveThe expensive machine was able to produce high-quality products.
conventionalThe conventional machine is still widely used in manufacturing today.
horizontalThe horizontal machine was used to cut the metal into thin strips.

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