Adjectives for Machines

Adjectives For Machines

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing machines, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of machines through the lens of language reveals a fascinating tapestry of nuance. Whether we speak of new machines, marveling at the latest technological advancements, or automatic machines, which redefine convenience and efficiency, each adjective adds a layer of depth. The term different machines invites us into a world of diversity in design and function, while political machines remind us of the power dynamics at play in society. Furthermore, large machines conjure images of industrial might and capability, contrasting with modern machines that often highlight sleekness and innovation. Each adjective shapes our understanding and perception of machines, guiding us through an ever-evolving landscape. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'machines' and the unique stories they tell below.
newThe new machines are very efficient.
automaticThe automatic machines washed and dried the clothes in no time.
differentAn engineer worked with different machines to fix an engine.
politicalPolitical machines thrived in many American cities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
largeWe used large machines to move the heavy objects.
modernModern machines can perform tasks with incredible speed and efficiency.
mostMost machines perform well in optimal conditions.
variousVarious machines were used to manufacture the product.
simpleSimple machines are used to make work easier by changing the direction or magnitude of a force.
specialThe special machines were used to automate the production process.
virtualVirtual machines are isolated and secure environments that run on a host machine.
electricalElectrical machines are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or vice versa.
electricElectric machines are widely used in industry to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.
rayWe use ray machines to detect fractures in the bones.
largerThe company has invested in larger machines to increase productivity.
currentCurrent machines have fulfilled the needs of the user.
electronicThe factory is full of electronic machines that assemble cars.
mereThose mere machines could never understand the intricacies of a human mind.
parallelThe factory floor was filled with parallel machines each one humming away
synchronousSynchronous machines are AC electrical machines that operate at a constant speed and are used in a variety of applications, including power generation and industrial machinery.
bigThe farmers used big machines to harvest the crops.
powerfulThe factory was equipped with an array of powerful machines
agriculturalFarmers rely heavily on agricultural machines to increase their productivity.
complexThe aircraft's landing gear is a complex machines that allows it to take off and land.
intelligentIntelligent machines are revolutionizing the way we work and live.
smallerSmaller machines can be more efficient and cost-effective for certain tasks.
multipleI have multiple machines at home that I use for different purposes.
finiteSoftware engineers often use finite machines to model and test reactive protocols.
makingThe technicians were making machines for the factory.
industrialThe roar of industrial machines filled the factory floor.
expensiveThe workshop was filled with expensive machines
conventionalThe conventional machines are often powered by fossil fuels.
automatedFactories can produce more goods with automated machines
controlledAdvanced AI systems controlled machines to push the boundaries of manufacturing.
olderThe factory recently replaced its line of older machines with new, more efficient ones.
heavyThe company purchased heavy machines to improve the efficiency of its production line.
hugeThe huge machines roared as they dug the foundation of the building.
speedThe shiny red speed machines roared down the highway.
efficientThe innovative improvements have resulted in efficient machines
savingThey had several amazing ideas, including a new kind of vehicle and saving machines
mechanicalThe mechanical machines rumbled and clattered in the factory.
hydraulicModern excavation equipment makes use of hydraulic machines
standardThe company's standard machines are capable of producing up to 100 units per hour.
complicatedI really don't understand how these complicated machines work.
sophisticatedWe can use sophisticated machines to make our lives easier.
typeThe type machines were humming away in the background.
purposeRobots are fast-moving purpose machines that complete arduous tasks.
commercialJohn went out to purchase new commercial machines
operatedHe operated machines in the large factory he worked at.
sequentialSequential machines are used in many electronic devices to store and process information.
digitalDigital machines are rapidly transforming the way we live and work.
portableThe portable machines were easy to carry around.
newerThe cost of the newer machines is increasing.
infernalThe infernal machines tore through the city, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.
poweredThe factory was filled with the sound of powered machines
cuttingThe tailor used the cutting machines to trim the excess fabric.
stateState machines are employed to simplify complex computations.
rotaryRotary machines are widely used in various industries due to their simple design and cost-effectiveness.
specializedScientists use specialized machines to analyze the data.
spinningThe spinning machines whirred and hummed in the factory.
availableThe available machines can be viewed on the website.
identicalThe two identical machines were running side by side.
continuousThe continuous machines churned out product after product at an alarming rate.
basedThe abilities of a robot are based machines
abstractI'm interested in exploring the concept of abstract machines
urbanThe urban machines rumbled through the city streets.
verticalThe vertical machines towered over the factory floor.
madeThe factory made machines that were used to produce automobiles.
remoteWe used SSH to connect to the remote machines over the network.
molecularMolecular machines are complex structures that perform specific tasks within cells.

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