Adjectives for Magazine

Adjectives For Magazine

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing magazine, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'magazine' paired with adjectives such as 'monthly', 'literary', 'new', 'weekly', 'popular', and 'quarterly' unveils a tapestry of reading experiences, catering to diverse interests and reading habits. A 'monthly' magazine offers a deep dive into current affairs or hobbies, while a 'literary' publication might push the boundaries of fiction and poetry. The descriptor 'new' invites readers into freshly curated content, 'weekly' editions keep pace with fast-moving news cycles, and 'popular' magazines reflect the zeitgeist. 'Quarterly' issues, on the other hand, provide a more reflective, in-depth exploration of themes. Each adjective shapes the reader's anticipation and experience of the magazine uniquely. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich the simple noun 'magazine' by continuing below.
monthlyI like to read the monthly magazine about gardening.
literaryThe literary magazine featured essays, poems, and short stories written by students.
newI want you to buy the new magazine
weeklyI read a weekly magazine every Friday.
popularI read an article about the latest trends in fashion in the popular magazine
quarterlyI subscribe to a quarterly magazine about gardening.
nationalI read an interesting article in a national magazine about the latest advances in artificial intelligence.
americanMy favorite part of the American magazine is the crossword puzzle
littleI read an excellent article in a little magazine
onlineI read an interesting article in an online magazine
officialHe read the official magazine of the association.
glossyThe glossy magazine had an article claiming that eating chocolate could cure any disease.
englishI picked up an English magazine at the store.
britishI read a fascinating article in a British magazine
roundThe 30-round magazine was fully loaded.
bimonthlyI subscribe to a bimonthly magazine about current events.
historicalI found an interesting article in that historical magazine
frenchI read a french magazine every day.
currentI read the latest article in the current magazine
germanI read an interesting article in a German magazine yesterday.
favoriteI always read my favorite magazine before bed.
influentialThe influential magazine reached millions of readers with its groundbreaking reporting.
geographicalI read a fascinating article about climate change in the latest geographical magazine
successfulThe successful magazine has been running for over 20 years.
excellentI enjoyed reading the excellent magazine
wiredThe latest issue of Wired magazine explores the future of artificial intelligence.
feministShe was reading a feminist magazine
leadingThe leading magazine in the industry is always looking for new writers.
professionalI subscribe to several professional magazines to stay up-to-date on industry trends.
independentThe independent magazine contains articles written by freelance journalists.
annualThe school distributed the annual magazine to all the students.
lived"Vanity Fair" is a lived magazine
famousI subscribed to the famous magazine because I wanted to read about the latest fashion trends.
gayMy friend bought a gay magazine at the store.
languageI read a very interesting language magazine yesterday.
liberalI used to subscribe to a liberal magazine but I didn’t feel it was worthwhile.
radicalThe radical magazine featured articles on topics such as social justice, environmentalism, and economic inequality.
knownThe known magazine had many interesting articles.
pageI'm sorry, but I can't write a short sentence with the words "page magazine."
prestigiousShe was featured in a prestigious magazine for her groundbreaking research.
basedThe based magazine stood out in the crowd of more conservative publications.
satiricalDave can't seem to get enough of his satirical magazine
slickThe slick magazine featured a cover story on the latest fashion trends.
emptyThe shooter dropped his empty magazine and fumbled for a fresh one.
regionalI read an article about local businesses in the regional magazine
newsweekI read about the latest scientific discoveries in Newsweek magazine
circulationI read an interesting article in Circulation magazine about the latest advances in cardiovascular medicine.
flightI picked up a flight magazine to pass the time.
canadianI read an interesting article in the Canadian magazine about the new scientific discovery.
largestThe largest magazine in the world is the Guinness World Records.
conservativeShe often writes for a conservative magazine
comicThe comic magazine featured a variety of superhero stories.
forwardThe forward magazine contained enough ammunition to last for several days of intense fighting.
progressiveI read an article about the latest political scandals in the progressive magazine
electronicI read an electronic magazine about the latest technology.

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