Adjectives for Magic

Adjectives For Magic

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing magic, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjective spectrum with the noun 'magic' reveals the multifaceted dimensions of mysticism and power. From the ethereal elegance of 'white magic' to the menacing allure of 'black magic,' each term carves a unique space in the mystic world, hinting at different origins, intentions, and effects. 'Natural magic,' whispers of ancient, earth-bound forces, while 'sympathetic magic' suggests a deeper connection between entities. Not to be overlooked, 'old magic' evokes a sense of timelessness, contrasting sharply with the malevolent undertones of 'evil magic.' These adjectives not only modify magic but also enrich it, offering a glimpse into the endless possibilities that lie within the arcane. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'magic' below, and embark on a linguistic journey through the enchanted.
blackThe mysterious act of summoning forth supernatural powers is known as black magic
sympathetic"Sympathetic magic" is a practice based on the belief that like can affect like.
naturalThe natural magic of the forest filled me with awe.
whiteThe magician used white magic to heal the sick.
oldThe old magic whispered through the ancient forest, stirring forgotten memories.
evilThe evil magic corrupted the once-pure land.
realReal magic is in the details.
powerfulThe wizard wielded his staff with powerful magic summoning bolts of lightning and walls of ice.
specialThe wizard's special magic created a shimmering light that danced around the room.
pureThe sunset was pure magic painting the sky with vibrant hues of orange and purple.
imitativeThe farmer used imitative magic to ensure a bountiful harvest, mimicking the growth of crops by dancing in the fields.
primitiveThe primitive magic of the ancient world still holds sway over some minds.
ancientHer ancient magic startled the fierce beast.
ceremonialThe ceremonial magic was performed with great pomp and circumstance.
darkThe evil sorcerer used dark magic to control his subjects.
muchThere was much magic in her eyes.
contagiousThe contagious magic of her smile spread throughout the room.
trueTrue magic is not about waving a wand; it's about believing in yourself.
strangeThe strange magic of the moonlight cast a surreal glow upon the sleeping city.
verbalThe orator's verbal magic captivated the audience, weaving a tapestry of words that painted vivid pictures and ignited emotions.
strongThe old sorcerer had a strong magic that could make trees dance.
sheerThe lights flickered to life, and the stage was transformed by sheer magic
badThe evil warlock's bad magic caused the entire village to turn into frogs.
harmfulThe sorcerer was known for his harmful magic
potentThe wizard unleashed his potent magic unleashing a torrent of energy that shattered the darkness.
protectiveThe shimmering runes etched into the amulet radiated protective magic
practicalThe book contained practical magic spells that worked if you believed.
egyptianThe old woman used her egyptian magic to heal the sick child.
roughThe rough magic of the night enveloped the city.
homeopathicThe homeopathic magic of the potion was undeniable.
divineThe wizard conjured a divine magic spell that illuminated the night sky.
mereMere magic granted him extraordinary abilities.
popularPopular magic is a type of stage magic that is performed for a large audience.
secretThe secret magic made the impossible a reality.
enoughThe sorcerer had enough magic to summon a powerful demon.
subtleHer subtle magic shimmered in the air, casting a spell of tranquility over the room.
peculiarThe peculiar magic lingered in the air, casting an ethereal glow upon the ancient ruins.
wildThe sorcerer's wild magic surged through him, casting a vibrant spell upon the land.
wonderfulThe wonderful magic captivated the audience.
mysteriousThe mysterious magic seemed to vanish into thin air.
demonicThe air crackled with the potency of demonic magic
paganThe old woman practiced pagan magic in the forest.
fairyThe sparkling fairy magic danced and twirled through the air.
medievalThe medieval magic wand was imbued with ancient power.
malevolentThe dark wizard unleashed his malevolent magic upon the unsuspecting village.
africanThe African magic was so powerful that it could make the impossible possible.
destructiveThe destructive magic tore through the battlefield, leaving nothing but ruins in its wake.
orientalThe oriental magic of the performance captivated the audience's senses.
mightyThe wizard summoned a mighty magic that shook the castle to its core.
sweetThe sweet magic of the music filled the air with enchantment.
calledThis is called magic
theatricalThe magician's theatrical magic left the audience in awe.
creativeThe creative magic of the artist was evident in every stroke of his brush.
astralThe sorcerer used astral magic to summon a mythical creature.
mimeticThe hunter danced around the campfire in imitation of the prey he hoped to attract, engaging in mimetic magic
dangerousThe dangerous magic surged through her veins, threatening to consume her completely.
diabolicalThe wizard's diabolical magic sent shivers down their opponent's spines.
celticThe ancient forest whispered tales of celtic magic
strongerThis amulet grants me stronger magic
musicalThe concert hall was filled with musical magic

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