Adjectives for Mail

Adjectives For Mail

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing mail, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'mail' can significantly alter the message you're conveying. For instance, 'electronic mail' hints at speed and modernity, while 'registered mail' speaks to security and importance. 'Direct mail' implies targeted communication, whereas 'next-day mail' underscores urgency. The distinction between 'first-class mail' and 'regular mail' can make a world of difference in terms of delivery expectations and perceived value. Each adjective adds a layer of specificity, completely changing how the recipient perceives the mail piece. Explore the full list of adjectives to enrich your understanding and ensure your message is precisely as intended.
electronicI received an electronic mail from my friend yesterday.
directDirect mail can be an effective way to reach your target audience.
registeredI sent the important documents via registered mail
nextThe next mail I send will be from my new email address.
classThe class mail was delivered to the students on Monday.
regularI prefer to receive my bills through regular mail
outgoingI checked my outgoing mail for any important letters.
certifiedPlease send me a copy of the document via certified mail
incomingThe incoming mail is sorted by the postal worker.
dailyMy daily mail always arrives on time.
courierI sent an important document via courier mail
ordinaryI prefer to send ordinary mail instead of email.
chainHe put on his chain mail and grabbed his sword, ready for battle.
postalI will send you a letter by postal mail
unsolicitedThe mailbox was full of unsolicited mail
snailI prefer email to snail mail
weeklyI check my weekly mail every Friday.
unopenedThe stack of unopened mail threatened to topple onto the ground.
expressI sent the important documents via express mail so that they would arrive on time.
voiceI left a voice mail for my boss.
overnightI sent the contract via overnight mail so that he would receive it by tomorrow morning.
unwantedThe mailbox was overflowing with unwanted mail
fastThe fast mail arrived at the post office on time.
bulkThe bulk mail was delivered to the post office.
monthlyI received my monthly mail yesterday.
interofficePlease send the interoffice mail to the marketing department.
diplomaticThe diplomatic mail will be sent via a secure channel.
overseasI received a letter in the overseas mail today.
airPlease send the important documents via air mail
outboundThe outbound mail was sent to the wrong address.
encryptedThe encrypted mail was transmitted securely over the internet.
inboundThe office manager is responsible for organizing the inbound mail
anonymousThe anonymous mail contained a mysterious message written in a coded language.
secureI sent the secure mail to my friend.
undeliveredThe stack of undelivered mail was growing taller by the day.
unansweredThere are several pieces of unanswered mail on my desk.
congressionalI received a packet of congressional mail in my mailbox this morning.
emailI sent an email mail to my friend yesterday.
downThe down mail arrived late, as usual.

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