Adjectives for Mailing

Adjectives For Mailing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing mailing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe your mailing efforts can significantly alter the message's perception. A direct mailing campaign suggests a targeted, personal approach, aiming to engage recipients on a one-to-one basis. First or second mailing distinguishes priority and sequence, hinting at the importance or follow-up nature of the communication. An initial mailing implies the start of a series or relationship, setting the stage for future interactions. For broader outreach, mass mailing signals an extensive, possibly less personalized attempt to connect. Meanwhile, foreign mailing evokes cross-border communication, emphasizing the geographical span of your reach. Discover how each adjective uncovers unique facets of mailing strategies in our full list below.
directI'm not sure how to do that, but I can try to help you with direct mailing
firstPlease ensure that the first mailing reaches the recipient within two weeks.
secondThe second mailing is expected to arrive next week.
massThe company sent out a mass mailing to its customers.
foreignWe do not offer foreign mailing for our products.
blackThe black mailing scheme was quickly uncovered by the police.
originalYou can find the returns in the original mailing
singlePatricia was frustrated with the customer service that she received from the single mailing she got from the company.
thirdHe ignored the first two mailings, but opened the third mailing
specialI received a special mailing from the university today.
nextRemember to include your remittance with your next mailing
electronicElectronic mailing is a common way to communicate with others.
bulkWe can handle bulk mailing for your company.
timelyThe timely mailing of the invitations ensured that all guests received them in advance.
promotionalWe sent out promotional mailings to all of our customers.
classI sent out a class mailing to all of the students.
actualPlease send the actual mailing address of your business.
finalThe final mailing went out to the voters last week.
regularWe sent him a letter via regular mailing
freeThe offer includes free mailing for all orders over $50.
entireI sent an entire mailing of brochures to all of my potential clients.
monthlyThe monthly mailing is sent out at the beginning of every month.
separateI have two separate mailing addresses.
additionalPlease include your additional mailing address and phone number in the application form.
pieceThe piece mailing campaign was successful in generating leads.
targetedThe targeted mailing campaign resulted in a significant increase in sales leads.
subsequentI received a subsequent mailing from the organization.
annualAn annual mailing was sent out to all potential participants.
massiveThe company sent out a massive mailing to all of their customers.
unsolicitedThe organization was fined for sending unsolicited mailings to potential customers.
overseasInternational clients should expect longer processing time for overseas mailing
successfulThe successful mailing resulted in a significant increase in response rates.
fourthI sent out the fourth mailing on Monday.
cooperativeThe cooperative mailing will be delivered to the post office by the end of the week.
quarterlyWe send out a quarterly mailing to keep our customers informed.
moderateI expect moderate mailing over the next couple of days.
weeklyI look forward to receiving the weekly mailing
easyPeter chose the easy mailing service for his holiday cards.
anonymousThe anonymous mailing aroused suspicion among the residents.
expensiveThe expensive mailing reached its intended recipients.
emailI received an email mailing about the latest sales.
timeI need to send a time mailing to my past self.
punishableThe mail contained contraband and was considered punishable mailing
personalizedWe can help you with personalized mailing campaigns to boost your marketing efforts.
promptHe sent her a prompt mailing as soon as he received her address.
computerizedThe computerized mailing system was down, so we had to send the letters ourselves.
randomRobert received a random mailing from a charity he had never heard of.
automaticThe company set up an automatic mailing system to send out invoices.
certifiedPlease mail the original document to me via certified mailing
introductoryThat introductory mailing indeed stirred things up around here.
routineThe accountant send out the bills with the routine mailing
followupThank you for your recent order. Please see the attached followup mailing for more information.
postalThe postal mailing arrived this afternoon.
blindThe company is blind mailing resumes to potential candidates.
scaleThe knight was protected by scale mailing which provided excellent protection against sword blows.

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