Adjectives for Main

Adjectives For Main

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing main, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe main can subtly alter its meaning and significantly impact the perception of your sentences. From public main, highlighting its accessibility and openness, to static main, which implies unchangeability and steadfastness; each adjective navigates through different nuances of importance or functionality. The intriguing use of frankfort main may refer to something pivotal within Frankfort, whereas void main conveys emptiness or a lack of content. Even the simplest article 'the' before main can specify uniqueness, and int suggests a technical, perhaps programming-related context. Dive deeper to explore how these and other adjectives unlock new shades of meaning for the noun main.
staticstatic main is used as the entry point of a program in C and C++.
theThe main character in the story was a brave knight.
spanishVenturing out to the Spanish main they searched for treasure and adventure.
inchThe inch main is a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot.
hydraulicThe hydraulic main is a large pipe that collects the gas from the retorts.
leftThe left main coronary artery is responsible for supplying blood to the left ventricle, which is the heart's main pumping chamber.
westernThe western main of the peninsula showed marks of old ruin.
stormyThe stormy main raged with fury.
boundlessThe ship sailed the boundless main
uneElle a une main dans le sac.
solemnWe had a solemn main in the cathedral after our dear mother passed on.
frankfortonFrankforton main is a small town in Kentucky.
distantThe distant main island was surrounded by water of the most beautiful azure hue.
azureThe azure main shimmered in the sunlight.
reefedThe boat was reefed main and hove to under the lee of the island.
wateryThe boat sailed steadily across the glassy surface of the watery main
restlessThe restless main lashed against the rocky shore.
pressureSeveral sections of the pressure main were damaged by the landslide.
mightyThe mighty main stretched out before them, an endless expanse of blue.
melancholyThe melancholy main was a fitting backdrop for the somber occasion.
brokenThe broken main caused a flood in the basement.
atlanticThe Atlantic main is a vast and treacherous body of water.
billowyThe billowy main stretched out before us, promising adventure.
ironThe iron main of the bridge was replaced last month.
undergroundThe crew will replace two sections of underground main to help ensure delivery of uninterrupted utility service to thousands of customers.
foulThe foul main is responsible for most of the damage to the hull.
silentThe silent main hinted at the calm waters.
horizontalThe horizontal main was a popular way to organize text in the early days of printing.
troubledThe troubled main was almost at the breaking point.
rearThe rear main seal in the engine needs to be replaced.
brilliantThe brilliant main character saved the day.
nearestThe nearest main thoroughfare is just a few blocks away.
brinyThe old sailor longed to sail upon the briny main again.
welshThe welsh main course was delicious.
frozenThe frozen main prevented the ship from moving any further.
wintryA cold wintry main blew across the desolate landscape.

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