Adjectives for Maintenance

Adjectives For Maintenance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing maintenance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of managing and preserving assets, the term 'maintenance' becomes pivotal. Each adjective paired with it—be it preventive, routine, proper, regular, or term—casts a different hue on its meaning. 'Preventive maintenance' speaks to the foresight and measures taken to avert potential issues, highlighting an approach rooted in caution and care. 'Routine maintenance', on the other hand, suggests a periodic, methodical process to ensure smooth operations. When maintenance is described as 'proper', it emphasizes the quality and appropriateness of the work done. 'Regular maintenance' echoes the importance of consistency in upkeep efforts. Choosing the right adjective can profoundly affect the perception of the maintenance work's importance and nature. Discover more nuances in the full list of adjectives tailored for 'maintenance' shown below.
preventivePreventive maintenance is essential for keeping equipment running smoothly and efficiently.
routineThe car needs its routine maintenance completed.
properProper maintenance of equipment is essential for optimal performance and longevity.
regularRegular maintenance is essential to ensure the optimal performance of any machine.
termThe term maintenance refers to the process of keeping a term or concept up to date with the latest research and developments.
lowThis plant is low maintenance and perfect for beginners.
poorThe old building suffered from poor maintenance and was in a state of disrepair.
generalThe general maintenance of the facility was impeccable.
separateThe spouses have been living in a state of separate maintenance for the past two years.
lessThis car has less maintenance than other cars.
periodicThe periodic maintenance of the machine is essential for its smooth functioning.
adequateThe building requires adequate maintenance to ensure its longevity.
correctiveCorrective maintenance is the process of repairing or replacing a component that has failed.
continuedThe team continued maintenance on the software.
annualThe team will perform annual maintenance on the server next week.
betterThe car runs more smoothly after better maintenance
preventativePreventative maintenance was performed on the vehicle to ensure its optimal performance.
futureWe will need to schedule future maintenance on the machine.
ongoingThe ongoing maintenance of the equipment is crucial for its longevity.
normalWe perform normal maintenance on our equipment over the weekend.
deferredThe building had been neglected for years, resulting in significant deferred maintenance
easyThis product is characterized by its easy maintenance
constantThe house needed constant maintenance to keep it habitable.
successfulThe successful maintenance of the machine ensured its longevity.
dailyMake sure to perform daily maintenance on your equipment to keep it running smoothly.
selfRegular self maintenance of the car is important for ensuring its longevity.
inadequateThe bridge was closed due to inadequate maintenance
carefulThe careful maintenance of the car ensured its longevity.
effectiveEffective maintenance is essential for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of equipment.
subsequentAdditional subsequent maintenance reduced the probability of more corrosion.
necessaryNecessary maintenance was performed to ensure the continued operation of the system.
basicThe house requires basic maintenance to keep it in good condition.
continuousThe machinery requires continuous maintenance to operate efficiently.
mereThe complex procedure required more than mere maintenance work.
organizationalThe organizational maintenance team was responsible for keeping the equipment running smoothly.
frequentFrequent maintenance is crucial for the smooth operation of complex systems.
minimumThis product requires minimum maintenance to keep it in good condition.
predictivePredictive maintenance can help you avoid costly breakdowns and keep your business running smoothly.
permanentThe new floor has permanent maintenance
culturalThe community center is committed to cultural maintenance within the community.
minimalThis appliance has minimal maintenance requirements.
efficientThe efficient maintenance of the equipment ensured its longevity.
plannedThe system will be undergoing planned maintenance from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM EST.
strictThe strict maintenance of the property was the responsibility of the tenant.
easierIt is also characterized by easier maintenance and better portability.
activeThe active maintenance of the property is the responsibility of the owner.
incomeIncome maintenance programs provide financial assistance to low-income individuals and families.
improperImproper maintenance led to the failure of the machine.
sufficientThe building was in good condition due to sufficient maintenance
decentThe house was in decent maintenance with no visible signs of damage or neglect.
comfortableThe comfortable maintenance of the house left it in tip-top shape.
productiveProductive maintenance ensures the efficient operation of equipment and systems, minimizing downtime and maximizing output.
minorWe scheduled several hours for minor maintenance and a thorough checkup of the equipment.
dayThe day maintenance crew worked diligently to keep the facility running smoothly.
mechanicalThe facility hired an expert in mechanical maintenance to fix the broken machinery.
unscheduledWe apologize for any inconvenience caused by the unscheduled maintenance
resaleThe resale maintenance contract covers the cost of repairs and maintenance on the property.
continualContinual maintenance helped ensure the device operates reliably.
basedWe are doing based maintenance on the system.
bareThe old car barely met the bare maintenance requirements for road safety.
relationalRenovation projects can be subject to relational maintenance which involves looking for signs of problems in the relationship between the contractor and the client.
lineThe aircraft line maintenance was scheduled for tomorrow morning.
overallThe overall maintenance of the building was excellent.
stableThe stable maintenance of the system ensured its optimal performance.
reasonableThe tenant is responsible for all reasonable maintenance of the apartment.
perpetualThe contract for the elevator includes perpetual maintenance
expensiveThe antique car had expensive maintenance costs.
extensiveThe building is currently undergoing extensive maintenance
costlyThe vintage car's costly maintenance was a constant drain on the owner's finances.
fileThe file maintenance team ensured the smooth functioning of the database.
suitableThe engineers performed suitable maintenance on the airplane.

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