Adjectives for Male

Adjectives For Male

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing male, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a male can illuminate not just age and race, but also layers of identity, experience, and social context. An old male might evoke wisdom or tradition, while a young male could suggest vitality and potential. The color adjectives, like white or black, hint at complex narratives of race and identity, and adding American to the mix brings in nationality, weaving a richer tapestry of the individual's background. Describing someone as an adult male highlights maturity and responsibility. Each adjective opens a window into understanding societal perceptions and individual identities. Discover more about the subtleties and implications of these adjectives in our complete list below.
oldThe old male sat alone on the porch and watched the sunset.
whiteThe white male suspect was arrested at the scene.
youngThe young male walked down the street.
adultThe adult male received a parking ticket.
blackThe young black male quickly left the house.
humanThe burly human male stood in the doorway.
normalThe normal male human body temperature is about 98.6 °F (37 °C).
singleThe single male was looking for a partner.
averageThe average male is taller than the average female.
onlyOnly male applicants are eligible for this position.
gayThe gay male couple walked hand-in-hand down the street.
matureThe mature male elephant led the herd to a new water source.
olderThe older male walked slowly down the street.
healthyThe healthy male was discharged from the hospital after a week.
adolescentThe adolescent male is full of energy.
eldestThe eldest male in the family inherited the estate.
typicalThe typical male is a breadwinner and a protector.
africanThe African male is a symbol of strength and resilience.
heterosexualThe heterosexual male was happy to see his girlfriend.
agedThe aged male slowly made his way across the street.
oldestThe oldest male gorilla in captivity is Ozzie, who was born in 1961.
bigAs he walked into the room all eyes were on the big male gorilla.
classThe class male is defined as people who were assigned male at birth.
elderlyThe elderly male sighed as he sat down on the bench.
affectedThe surgery only affected male children.
allThe team was all male
caucasianThe Caucasian male was detained by the police.
separateHe and John are in separate male dormitories.
seniorThe senior male was not very talkative.
youngerThe younger male was visibly upset.
activeThe active male was seen running through the park.
aggressiveThe aggressive male gorilla charged at the intruders.
bodiedThe bodied male walked down the street.
residentThe hospital had one resident male patient, and he had not been tested for the disease.
powerfulThe powerful male leader addressed the crowd.
eyedThe eyed male looked at me with suspicion.
grownThe grown male panther has a large territory.
geneticThe genetic male had a rare condition that caused him to be infertile.
hispanicThe hispanic male was walking down the street.
yearoldThe yearold male walked down the street.
largestThe largest male elephant in the world weighs over 14,000 pounds.
bornHe was born male
idealHe is a strong and brave ideal male
juvenileThe juvenile male was arrested for shoplifting.
tallThe tall male walked down the street.
loneThe lone male wolf wandered the forest in search of a mate.
territorialThe territorial male pronghorn antelope defended his territory from rival males.
muslimHe is a Muslim male who moved to the UK when he was 10 years old.
mexicanThe Mexican male was tall and handsome.
rankingThe ranking male tennis player has been unbeatable in the last 10 matches.
asianThe Asian male stood in the corner of the room.
handsomeHe had never met such a handsome male ever in his life.
solitaryThe solitary male sat in his armchair, lost in thought.
attractiveThe attractive male model caught my attention.
hinduThe Hindu male is one of India's most privileged and powerful groups.
bloodedThe blooded male was ready to fight.
holotypeThe holotype male of this species is deposited in the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC.

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