Adjectives for Manufacturing

Adjectives For Manufacturing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing manufacturing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'manufacturing' brings to mind a variety of images, concepts, and practices, but it's the adjectives we pair it with that truly shape our understanding. From 'integrated' manufacturing, which emphasizes the seamless connection of processes, to 'scale' that highlights the extent of production. 'Light' manufacturing might conjure images of more labor-intensive, less mechanized processes, whereas 'American' manufacturing evokes a national heritage of industry. 'Demand' and 'domestic' further color our comprehension, pointing to market needs and locality of production, respectively. Each adjective lends a unique shade of meaning, transforming 'manufacturing' from a broad concept to a nuanced, multidimensional term. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives related to 'manufacturing' below.
integratedThe integrated manufacturing approach encompasses all the processes involved in the production and delivery of products and services, from design to distribution.
scaleWe need to scale manufacturing by 10% to meet the rising demand.
lightWe're looking for a light manufacturing site with good access to transportation.
americanAmerican manufacturing is a vital part of the economy.
demandDemand manufacturing is a production process that manufactures products only when there is demand for them.
domesticDomestic manufacturing is essential for the economic development of a country.
localOur company relies heavily on local manufacturing to ensure the quality of our products.
aidedAided manufacturing enables faster production and higher quality products.
modernModern manufacturing processes have revolutionized the way products are made.
totalThe total manufacturing cost was $10 million.
heavyThe company has been engaged in heavy manufacturing for over 50 years.
industrialIndustrial manufacturing has seen significant advancements in automation and efficiency.
leanLean manufacturing is a production philosophy that focuses on minimizing waste and improving efficiency.
flexibleThe company has implemented flexible manufacturing to meet the changing demands of its customers.
intensiveThe intensive manufacturing process requires the employment of more staff than the lean manufacturing process.
japaneseJapanese manufacturing is known for its high quality and precision.
britishBritish manufacturing has been in decline for decades.
traditionalMost manufacturing industries are adopting traditional manufacturing in recent years.
cellularCellular manufacturing is a production process that groups similar machines and processes together.
electricalThe company specializes in electrical manufacturing
canadianThe Canadian manufacturing sector is a major contributor to the country's economy.
timeThe time manufacturing process is complex and requires careful planning.
durableDurable manufacturing is the production of goods that are expected to last for three years or more, such as machinery, vehicles, and appliances.
pharmaceuticalThe company's primary focus is pharmaceutical manufacturing
orientedOriented manufacturing is a technique that focuses on aligning the fibers in a composite material to enhance its properties in a specific direction.
automatedAutomated manufacturing reduces production time and costs drastically.
basedThe company's based manufacturing process involves advanced technology.
continuous"Continuous manufacturing" allows for more efficient and flexible production.
advancedAdvanced manufacturing techniques allow for the production of complex and precise parts.
commercialThe company has invested heavily in commercial manufacturing to increase its production capacity.
actualThe actual manufacturing process can be completed in a week.
globalGlobal manufacturing has become increasingly interconnected in the era of digitalization and globalization.
secondarySecondary manufacturing involves transforming the output of primary manufacturing into finished goods.
techTech manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry that is constantly evolving.
miscellaneousThe company specializes in miscellaneous manufacturing producing a wide array of products.
automotiveThe company specializes in automotive manufacturing and has been in business for over 50 years.
australianAustralian manufacturing is facing a number of challenges, including global competition and a strong Australian dollar.
agileAgile manufacturing allows for quick changes in production to meet changing customer demands.
efficientThe company's efficient manufacturing process allowed it to produce goods at a lower cost.
ruralThe rural manufacturing sector in the county is a vital part of the economy.
urbanUrban manufacturing has the potential to revitalize cities and create jobs.
colonialThe rise of colonial manufacturing transformed the global economy.
agriculturalAgricultural manufacturing is the production of agricultural machinery and equipment.
discreteDiscrete manufacturing involves the production of distinct items, such as computers and furniture, in contrast to continuous manufacturing processes.
repetitiveThis repetitive manufacturing process ensures consistent quality and efficiency.
costThe cost manufacturing was well over budget.
molecularMolecular manufacturing is a potential technology that could revolutionize the way we make things.
electronicElectronic manufacturing is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution.
volumeThe factory was designed for volume manufacturing of the latest smartphone model.
indianThe Indian manufacturing sector is expected to grow at a rate of 10% per annum.
extensiveExtensive manufacturing requires a large workforce and vast resources.
intermittentThis intermittent manufacturing process produces small batches of customized products in response to varying customer demands.
successfulThe company's successful manufacturing process resulted in a record number of units produced.
chemicalChemical manufacturing is a complex and vital industry that produces a wide range of products, from fuels to pharmaceuticals.
southernSouthern manufacturing is a major part of the region's economy.
massIn the era of mass manufacturing efficiency and speed are key.
diversifieddiversified manufacturing can help reduce risks associated with relying on a single industry
nondurableOur nondurable manufacturing business is going well.
mexicanMexican manufacturing has been hit hard by the global pandemic.
competitiveThis company's competitive manufacturing process has made its products more affordable for consumers.
classThe class manufacturing sector is an important contributor to the economy.
addedThe company added manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand.
outsideWe contracted the outside manufacturing of the widgets to a local firm.
variableVariable manufacturing costs are directly related to the level of production.
interchangeableInterchangeable manufacturing enabled the production of identical parts, making mass production and assembly more efficient.
overseasIn today's market, manufacturers often rely on overseas manufacturing to reduce costs.
conventionalConventional manufacturing is becoming more and more outdated as new technologies emerge.
relatedThe related manufacturing process takes too much time.

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