Adjectives for March

Adjectives For March

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing march, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'march' can evoke various images and emotions, significantly influenced by the adjectives that precede it. A 'long march' often brings to mind arduous journeys or historical movements, filled with perseverance. When we talk about an 'early march,' it suggests something happening sooner than expected, possibly with a sense of anticipation or urgency. Conversely, a 'late march' might carry a hint of delay or missed opportunities. The specificity of 'January march' or 'last march' anchors the event in time, providing clarity and context. An 'onward march' speaks to progress, movement forward through challenges or time. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of the march, revealing the multifaceted nature of events, moments, and stories connected to it. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'march' and the nuances they bring to the narrative below.
longThe Long march was a military retreat undertaken by the Red Army of the Chinese Communist Party.
earlyThe colors became vivid in early march when the last of the snow melted and the flowers began to bloom.
lateThe flowers will bloom during late march
lastThe last march of the battalion was a great success.
onwardThe army continued its onward march to secure the city.
rapidThe soldiers continued their rapid march despite the scorching sun.
5thThe 5th march is coming soon.
triumphalThe orchestra played a triumphal march as the general led his victorious troops into the city.
20thThe 20th march is a significant day in history.
midThe weather in mid march was unseasonably warm.
slowThe regiment performed a slow march in front of the reviewing stand.
16thBefore winter ended in the northern hemisphere on the 16th march 5000 BCE, the people of the Lake Mungo area in Australia were already using a variety of ornamental stones and minerals including pigments for the decoration of their bodies, their tools and the inside of their huts using finely-ground ochre.
quickThe band played a quick march as the soldiers marched past.
13thThe event is scheduled to take place on the 13th march
famousThe band played the famous march as the soldiers marched past.
mileThe runners completed a 10-mile march in under 2 hours.
triumphantThe army's triumphant march through the city was a glorious sight.
19thThe 19th march is a significant date in history.
shortThe short march led to the village.
4thThe 4th march will be a memorable day for the entire state.
30thToday is 30th march
grandThe grand march of the graduating class was a sight to behold.
10thThe event will be held on 10th march
28thToday is 28th march a beautiful Wednesday.
fullThe band played in full march their music resonating through the streets.
steadyThe army carried out a steady march towards the enemy base.
29thIt was a busy day on the 29th march
victoriousThe victorious march of the army was met with cheers from the crowd.
27thToday is the 27th march
previousI will not participate in the upcoming protest due to my previous march experience.
effectiveThe effective march of the army impressed the general.
wearyThe weary march had taken its toll on the soldiers' spirits.
hardThe soldiers endured a hard march through the rugged terrain.
dayWe went on a day march to the base camp.
deadThe band played a solemn dead march as the coffin was lowered into the grave.
inexorableTime's inexorable march carried us forward to an uncertain future.
forcedThe soldiers were exhausted after the long forced march
upwardHe continued on his upward march seeking a better life.
toilsomeThe toilsome march toward the summit tested their endurance.
annualThe annual march for peace drew a large crowd.
difficultThe difficult march through the mountains tested the soldiers' endurance.
fatiguingThe arduous and fatiguing march tested the limits of the soldiers' endurance.
historicThe historic march drew thousands of protesters to the city center.
dailyThe daily march to school was a time for reflection and solitude.
dueThe troops are due march at dawn.
relentlessThe relentless march of time had worn away at his features.
solemnThe solemn march echoed through the empty streets.
statelyThe elephants moved in a stately march
terribleThe terrible march through the desert took its toll on the soldiers.
peacefulThe peaceful march for civil rights drew thousands of participants.
nightThe soldiers set off on their night march under a full moon.
silentThe silent march of the protesters sent a powerful message.
swiftThe troops made a swift march to the front lines.
easyThe easy march made our journey bearable.
inevitableThe inevitable march of time brought with it both joy and sorrow.
tediousThe infantry endured a tedious march across the scorching desert, their boots sinking into the relentless sand.
arduousTheir arduous march had led them through dense forest and over towering mountains.
progressiveThe progressive march of science and technology has had a profound impact on our society.
circuitousThe circuitous march took us through winding roads and dense forests.
funeralThe funeral march echoed through the somber graveyard.
massiveA massive march for climate justice took place in the city center.
painfulThe painful march to the peak brought both physical and emotional exhaustion.
hastyThe hasty march left the soldiers exhausted but triumphant.
retrogradeThe retrograde march of the virus through the immune system has allowed it to evade detection.
eastwardThe invading army began its eastward march at dawn.

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