Adjectives for Marine

Adjectives For Marine

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing marine, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

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mercantileThe mercantile marine plays a crucial role in global trade and transportation.
americanThe American marine Corps is the smallest and most elite branch of the United States military.
youngThe young marine bravely fought for his country.
britishThe British marine patrolled the coast in a small boat.
formerThe former marine was a highly skilled soldier.
commercialThis commercial marine engine is designed to be fuel-efficient and reliable.
frenchThe valiant French marine stood sentinel at the edge of the fray.
shallowThe shallow marine environment is home to a variety of organisms.
largeThe large marine ecosystem is home to a variety of marine life.
germanThe German marine was a skilled navigator.
nationalThe national marine sanctuary is home to a variety of marine life.
englishThe english marine was not afraid of the shark.
nonThe fire insurance plan covered non marine perils.
japaneseThe Japanese marine took a boat out to sea.
deadThe dead marine was found washed up on the shore.
strongThe strong marine fought bravely against the enemy.
geoThe geo marine research vessel sailed through the rough waters.
militaryThe military marine patrolled the waters off the coast.
bigThe big marine mammal swam gracefully through the water.
powerfulThe powerful marine engine roared to life.
largestThe largest marine mammal is the blue whale.
spanishThe Spanish marine was a brave soldier who fought for his country.
dutchThe Dutch marine was brave and determined.
normalThe normal marine life is thriving again.
norwegianThe norwegian marine is a marine animal that lives in the Norwegian Sea.
sovietThe soviet marine was a brave and fearless soldier.
marginalThe field of marginal marine is the study of the habitats at the very edge of the sea where the land and sea meet.
adequateThe vessel’s firefighting systems and equipment were not adequate marine industry standards.
ultraThe ultra marine color of the ocean was breathtaking.
greekThe greek marine surveyed the damage to the ship's hull.
navalThe naval marine patrolled the waters off the coast.
coastalThe coastal marine waters are home to a variety of marine life.
toughThe tough marine stormed the beach, his rifle blazing.
terrestrialThe terrestrial marine ecosystem is a complex and diverse system that includes both land and sea.
russianThe Russian marine was deployed to protect the country's interests in the region.
tallThe tall marine stood at attention.
tropicalThe tropical marine environment is home to a diverse array of fish, coral, and other organisms.
glacialMarine organisms can live in the water underneath the giant ice shelves that extend from the glacial marine areas of Antarctica.
extensiveThe ship's extensive marine facilities made it a popular destination for sailors.
royalThe seasoned Royal marine emerged from the water, his body still slick and his eyes sharp.
seniorThe senior marine was in charge of the operation.
armedThe armed marine stood guard at the gate with his rifle drawn.
efficientEfficient marine transportation helps protect the environment.
retiredThe retired marine had served his country with honor and distinction for over two decades.
flourishingThe flourishing marine ecosystem supported a wide variety of sea life.
handsomeThe handsome marine smiled at me.
oceanThe ocean marine is a vast and mysterious place.
ownedThe company owned marine land in several countries.
exclusivelySailfish are exclusively marine fish, meaning they live only in the ocean.
stationaryThe stationary marine didn't bother me.

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