Adjectives for Mark

Adjectives For Mark

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing mark, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'mark' can deeply affect the nuance of your message. A 'high' mark often conveys excellence or achievement, commonly used in educational contexts. A 'distinguishing' mark, on the other hand, emphasizes uniqueness or a standout feature, while a 'trade' mark is all about brand identity and legal protection. The phrase 'black mark' has negative connotations, suggesting a stain on one's reputation or record. Conversely, 'indelible' and 'distinctive' marks both imply something unforgettable and significant, but with slightly different shades of meaning. Understanding these nuances helps in painting a precise picture in the reader's mind. Dive deeper into how each adjective reshapes the concept of 'mark' in our comprehensive list below.
highThe student received a high mark on the test.
distinguishingThe distinguishing mark of a true gentleman is his quiet confidence
tradeThe trade mark on the product was clearly visible.
blackThere was a black mark on his otherwise spotless record.
indelibleThe moments we shared have left an indelible mark on my heart.
distinctiveThe distinctive mark on the painting helped to identify its creator.
redThe teacher marked the test with a red mark
lowThe student received a low mark on the test.
specialThis is a special mark ✴️
germanThe German mark was the currency of Germany from 1873 to 2002.
permanentThe ink left a permanent mark on the paper.
highestThe student achieved the highest mark in the class.
characteristicThe tiny, characteristic mark on his chin was considered a sign of good fortune.
whiteThe white mark on the wall was still visible.
halfwayWe have just passed the halfway mark of this project.
registeredThe copyright on the registered mark prevents the public from using it without permission.
bigThe big mark on her forehead was clearly visible.
deepThe deep mark on the canvas reminded her of the forgotten emotions.
finalMy final mark in the class was 95.
trueThe true mark of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience, but how he stands when faced with adversity and struggle.
postThe post mark on the letter showed that it had been mailed the day before.
peculiarThe peculiar mark on the wall resembled an ancient hieroglyph.
lastingThe experience left a lasting mark on his memory.
mileThe mile mark we are aiming for is 10 miles.
visibleThere was a clearly visible mark on the wall indicating the height of the flood that year.
sureThat's a sure mark of a true friend.
yearThe year mark on the tombstone showed that he had died in 1902.
shapedThe oddly shaped mark on the wall was a mystery to all who saw it.
averageThe student's average mark was 90%
essentialThe essential mark of a successful manager is the ability to motivate and inspire others.
darkThe Dark mark burned brightly on his forearm.
conspicuousThe conspicuous mark on the wall was a mystery to everyone who saw it.
footThe police officer followed the foot marks in the snow.
blueI have a blue mark on my arm.
distinctThe candidate's distinct mark impressed the interviewers.
verticalThe vertical mark on the wall indicates the highest water level during the flood.
badI got a bad mark on my test.
minuteWe met at the ten-minute mark of the hour.
inchThe carpenter marked the wood with an inch mark
millionThe company's revenues have reached the million mark
fairThe student received a fair mark on his test.
chiefThe chief mark of friendship is not the number of years, but the quality of them.
roundThis is a sentence with a round mark (.)
lowestThe student with the lowest mark was asked to repeat the year.
unmistakableThe unmistakable mark of a true friend is that you can be absolutely honest with them.
usualIt was far below his usual mark but he somehow managed to score a goal.
landThe Statue of Liberty is a famous land mark in New York City.
centuryThe company's stock price has surged past the century mark this morning.
dollarThe dollar mark is the currency symbol used in the United States.
wayPlease follow the way marks to get to the summit.
definiteThe definite mark is the period.
diacriticalThe diacritical mark above the letter ‘e’ is an acute accent.
enduringHer work left an enduring mark on the world.

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