Adjectives for Mass

Adjectives For Mass

Discover the perfect adjectives for 'mass' to enhance your writing. From 'great' to 'total', our comprehensive guide lists commonly used adjectives with examples. Ideal for enriching vocabulary and adding depth to your descriptions. Explore now for a more impactful expression of 'mass'.

greatThe black hole had a great mass and an enormous gravitational pull.
largeThe large mass of the Earth creates a strong gravitational pull.
wholeThe whole mass of the building was estimated to be 1000 tons.
totalThe total mass of the object was 100 grams.
criticalThe project was finally able to reach critical mass and move forward.
solidThe solid mass of the cube is 100 cubic centimeters.
molecularThe molecular mass of water is 18.015 g/mol
vastThe vast mass of the Earth's atmosphere is composed of nitrogen and oxygen.
entireThe entire mass of the star collapsed into a black hole.
softThe clay was a soft mass easily molded into different shapes.
effectiveThe effective mass of a particle is a measure of its inertia.
lean Exercise can help you increase your lean mass and strength.
hugeThis object has a huge mass
denseThe dense mass of the black hole was pulling everything towards it.
darkDark mass fascinates researchers from astronomy and astrophysics.
centralThe central mass of the Milky Way is a black hole.
mainThe main mass of the Earth is concentrated in its core.
enormousThe black hole had an enormous mass affecting the trajectory of nearby celestial bodies.
palpableThe doctor felt a palpable mass in the patient's abdomen.
compactShe pressed the compact mass of the dough into a ball.
abdominalThe abdominal mass was firm and non-tender.
atomicThe atomic mass of an atom is measured in atomic mass units.
redThe red mass glowed ominously in the darkness.
homogeneousThe homogeneous mass of the substance was analyzed in the laboratory.
likeThe substance has a density like mass
confusedThe jungle was a confused mass of greenery.
immenseThe black hole possessed an immense mass warping the fabric of spacetime around it.
largerThe larger mass of the Earth makes it difficult to escape its gravitational pull.
dryThe dry mass of the comet is estimated to be around 10^15 kg.
thickThe thick mass of heavy rain approached the coast quickly.
hardThe hard mass in my side was caused by a kidney stone.
tangledShe waded through the tangled mass of vines, her machete slicing through the thick undergrowth.
innerAs the trophoblast initiates implantation, the inner mass undergoes differentiation.
heavyThe heavy mass of the planet made it difficult to move.
shapelessThe shapeless mass of clay lay on the table, waiting to be molded.
fatThis research suggests that greater fat mass is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease in overweight and obese people.
amorphousThe amorphous mass in the dark corner shifted and took on a humanoid form.
relativeThe relative mass of an atom is the mass of the atom compared to the mass of a carbon-12 atom.
irregularThe Earth's irregular mass causes the Milky Way to wobble.
leftThe massive body of the spacecraft was left mass with a lot of fuel.
cysticThe diagnosis was a large cystic mass which was later removed by surgery.
gelatinousThe gelatinous mass quivered and pulsed, an eerie sight to behold.
fusedThe colossal sapphire looked like a fused mass of incandescent plasma.
mediastinalEnhancing mediastinal mass is suggestive of thymoma.
heterogeneousThe heterogeneous mass of particles moved randomly.
crystallineThe crystalline mass had a beautiful, sparkling appearance.
renalThe renal mass was 10 cm in diameter and located in the upper pole of the kidney.
shapedThe shaped mass of clay was carefully molded into a vase.
thermalThe south-facing windows provide the house with significant thermal mass helping to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.
inertThe inert mass of the object made it difficult to move.
solemnWe attended a solemn mass in honor of the saint's feast day.
reducedThe reduced mass of the two-body system is half the mass of each body.
undifferentiatedThe undifferentiated mass of cells represents the early stages of an embryo's development.
lateralDue to the lateral mass extending posterolaterally from the pedicle, the L5-S1 foramina are especially narrow
smallerThe smaller mass was easier to move.
liquidThe liquid mass shimmered in the sunlight.
roundedThe rounded mass was a mystery to the scientists.
brownThe brown mass on the ground was a pile of dry leaves.
inertialThe inertial mass of the object is the resistance it offers to changes in its motion.
overwhelmingThe overwhelming mass of the planet's atmosphere swayed back and forth with the shift in temperature.
grayThe gray mass of the brain is composed of nerve cells and supporting tissue.
visceralThe visceral mass of the animal was contained within the coelom.
plasticThe plastic mass was deforming under a lot of pressure.
firmThe firm mass of the tumor was palpable.
granularThe granular mass was composed of small, irregularly shaped particles.
skeletalThe patient's skeletal mass was measured using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.
yellowThe yellow mass of butter melted in the hot pan.
continentalThe supercontinent of Pangaea was one of the largest continental masses ever formed.
continuousThe continuous mass of the galaxy was estimated to be around 100 billion solar masses.
spongyThe interior of the clam was a spongy mass
chaoticThe chaotic mass of people surged forward, desperate to escape the burning building.
inflammatoryThe inflammatory mass was located in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen.

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