Adjectives for Master

Adjectives For Master

Discover the most fitting adjectives for 'master' on our comprehensive web app. Whether it's a 'great master', an 'old master', embracing your 'own master', or stepping into the role of a 'new master', our platform offers illustrative sentences for each. Perfect for writers seeking precision or learners expanding their vocabulary.

greatHe is my great master
oldThe old master is a skilled craftsman with years of experience.
ownHe is his own master and makes his own decisions.
newThe dog was happy to have a new master
youngThe young master was very proud of his new toy.
grandThe grand master of the chess tournament was a renowned strategist.
goodThe farmhand was a good master to his horse.
unpublishedThe unpublished master was finally released after many years.
formerHis mother was a former master of the blade.
royalHe was their true royal master and leader.
pastHe was a past master at manipulating people.
absoluteHe is an absolute master of his craft.
dearDear master I will finish the task you assigned to me quickly.
lateThe late master's work is still admired by many.
schoolThe school master was a stern but fair man.
spiritualHe was my spiritual master in the true sense of the term.
greatestVincent Van Gogh is the greatest master of post-impressionism
perfectThe perfect master was not to be found.
trueThe true master is the one who can discern the true from the false.
divineHe had seen the divine master and believed in him implicitly.
undisputedThe undisputed master of the tournament stood tall, his skill unmatched.
belovedHe was a beloved master of the dark arts.
completeShe is a complete master at the piano.
soleThe dog is my sole master and I must obey his every command.
postThe post master was very helpful and friendly.
assistantThe assistant master was a kind and helpful man.
frenchThe french master taught us how to cook authentic French cuisine.
supremeThe supreme master led the meditation retreat with great wisdom.
headThe head master announced the schedule for the meeting.
quarterThe quarter master was responsible for the ship's supplies and equipment.
acknowledgedThe acknowledged master conducted the orchestra with great skill.
musicThe music master conducted the orchestra with great skill.
famousThe famous master painted a beautiful picture of the sunset.
badThe unruly dog barked ferociously at its bad master
terminalThe engineers needed a new terminal master for the connection.
deadThe dead master's voice still echoed through the halls.
hisThe dog wagged its tail when it saw his master
italianThe artist was an Italian master
consummateThe consummate master of his craft, he commanded respect from all who knew him.
nobleThe noble master sat on his throne, his eyes scanning the crowd before him.
graciousThe gracious master offered his servant a cup of water.
excellentThe excellent master crafted a masterpiece.
worshipfulThe worshipful master extended a cordial invitation to all present.
harbourThe harbour master guided the ship into the port.
blessedBow down before our blessed master
colonialThe colonial master exploited the resources of the colony.
writingHe is considered by many to be the only true writing master of our time.
worthyThe worthy master and his loyal followers embarked on a perilous quest.
fencingThe fencing master guided his students through the intricate movements of the sport.
thoroughThe thorough master excelled in their craft.
seniorThe senior master of the company, has been working there for over 20 years.
mightyThe mighty master of the mountains towered over the land.
illustriousThe illustrious master was highly respected by his students.
heavenlyThe heavenly master bestowed upon him a mystical power.
sovereignThe sovereign master wielded absolute power over his domain.
threeThe team needed three master chefs to cater for the party.
indulgentThe indulgent master let his dog sleep on the bed.
augustThe august master gazed upon his humble servant with a benevolent smile.
generousThe generous master was loved by all his servants.
unknownThe mysterious painting was discovered in an attic, its unknown master remaining shrouded in enigma.
wiseThe wise master shared his ancient knowledge with his eager pupil.
mathematicalHe is a mathematical master
celebratedThe celebrated master of the arts was honored for his many accomplishments.

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