Adjectives for Match

Adjectives For Match

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing match, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives when describing a match can significantly alter the nuance of what is being communicated. A good match implies suitability, while a perfect match elevates this to a level of ideal compatibility. A first match suggests something novel or initial, bringing a sense of discovery. On the other hand, a lighted match can invoke images of ignition or inspiration. The phrase best match denotes superiority or optimal choice amongst alternatives. Lastly, an exact match conveys a sense of precision and accuracy. Each adjective brings its own flavor and depth, enriching the conversation. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'match' below to enhance your dialogue and writing.
goodShe was a good match for the job.
perfectMy sweater and jeans are a perfect match
firstThe first match of the tournament was a thrilling one.
lightedHe struck a lighted match and held it to the candle.
bestThey are the best match for each other.
exactThe exact match was found.
betterThat outfit really is a better match
suitableHe is a suitable match for my daughter.
closeThe two teams are a close match for each other.
lastThe last match was a thrilling one.
slowThe slow match burned evenly, providing a steady light source.
spanishThe Spanish match between Nadal and Alcaraz was an exciting one to watch.
excellentThe two teams exhibited an excellent match of skill and determination.
crossThe cross match results were negative.
shootingThe teams met for their fourth shooting match of the season.
finalThe final match of the tournament will be held tomorrow.
closestThe closest match to your query is 'Option A'.
possibleThere is a possible match for your request.
badShe knew that they were a bad match from the first date.
woodenI carefully lit the wooden match and watched the flame flicker.
properThe two sides were not a proper match for each other.
internationalThe international match was held in the largest stadium in the country.
bigThe football club won the big match last night.
brilliantThe brilliant match drew a large and enthusiastic crowd.
successfulOur successful match was a testament to the hard work and dedication of both teams.
fairThe two teams were a fair match for each other.
runawayThe runaway match between the two top seeds was a thrilling spectacle.
andThe team was ready and match for the event.
parisThe Paris match cover story focused on the latest fashion trends.
partialAfter a partial match the player gets another chance to guess.
appropriateI think we should find an appropriate match for our daughter.
idealHe was searching for his ideal match
correctThe correct match was ultimately a disappointment.
boxingThe crowd at the boxing match cheered wildly as their favorite fighter knocked out his opponent.
luciferI struck a lucifer match to light the candle.
unequalDespite their efforts, the two teams were an unequal match making the results almost inevitable.
desirableEmily thinks she has found a desirable match for her sister.
fineThe soccer game was a fine match
equalThe two teams were an equal match for each other.
advantageousThe advantageous match between the two companies was evident from the start.
annualThe annual match between the two schools was always a closely contested affair.
closerThe two siblings are a closer match than they think.
sparringThe two boxers engaged in a sparring match to prepare for their upcoming fight.
reasonableThe two datasets are a reasonable match for each other.
friendlyWe had a friendly match with another team last weekend.
longestThe longest match in tennis history was a 11 hour 5 minute match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.
cricketThe passionate crowd witnessed an exhilarating cricket match filled with nail-biting moments.
overThe difficult task was an over match for his skills.
grandI have been looking forward to this grand match for weeks.
fitHe is a fit match for the role of a CEO.
famousI watched the famous match on TV last night.
optimalThe optimal match was found in less than a second.
quickI need to find a quick match before the tournament starts.
roundIt was a round match but our team won.
satisfactoryThe search yielded a satisfactory match for the query.
dayI was so tired after the day match that I just wanted to go to bed.
preYaya Toure warmed up with Real Madrid and Manchester City players in the pre match
preciseThe precise match search criteria returned only the results that exactly matched the search query.
eligibleHe is an eligible match for you.
happyThey had a happy match and they lived happily ever after.
excitingThe exciting match kept everyone on the edge of their seats.
ballThe all-important ball match is set to conclude on Saturday.
testEngland won the test match by an innings and 12 runs against India.
verbalThe verbal match was intense
unsuitableTheir different personalities made them an unsuitable match
acceptableEven though it was an acceptable match he was still disappointed with the outcome.

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