Adjectives for Material

Adjectives For Material

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing material, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe material can significantly impact the perception of your text. Describing material as raw evokes a sense of natural untouched essence, ideal for highlighting the purity of resources. On the other hand, organic material speaks to health-conscious and environmentally aware audiences, emphasizing sustainability and eco-friendliness. The description of material as genetic nods to the scientific and precise manipulation or analysis of substances. Utilizing adjectives like much and additional can quantify and elaborate on the abundance or supplement of material, while original material underscores authenticity and uniqueness. Dive deeper into how these and other adjectives enrich your narrative on materials below.
rawThe raw material for steel is iron ore.
organicThe organic material in the soil is crucial for the ecosystem's balance.
geneticThis genetic material holds the instructions for the development and characteristics of an organism.
muchThe scientist needs much material to begin the experiment.
additionalThe professor handed out the assignment along with some additional material that would help her students complete it.
originalShe drew from her own experiences to write the film's original material
foreignDuring the search of the vehicle, officers located foreign material
solidThe solid material was a strong and durable substance.
suitableThe artist used suitable material for her sculpture.
valuableThe researchers extracted valuable material from the ancient ruins.
historicalThe researcher studied the historical material in order to write an accurate account of the event.
basicThe basic material for the project is wood.
availableThe available material is limited.
plasticThe plastic material was durable and lightweight.
fineThe fine material was used to create a beautiful tapestry.
softThe soft material was used to create a comfortable cushion.
enoughThere was enough material for everyone to get their own portion.
activeThe active material in the battery is a composite of lithium cobalt oxide and carbon black.
nuclearThe truck containing the nuclear material was stopped by the police.
excellentThe excellent material was used to make the dress.
relevantThe research paper contains relevant material that is directly related to the topic.
freshThe artist used fresh material for their latest sculpture.
magneticThe magnetic material was strongly attracted to the magnet.
likeThe table is made of a sturdy, like material
illustrativeThe book includes illustrative material such as photos, graphs, and diagrams.
sufficientThe researcher collected sufficient material to conduct the experiment.
granularThe granular material was flowing through the chute.
usefulThe seminar provided useful material
printedI love reading printed material
interestingI found some interesting material while researching the topic.
radioactiveThe technician handled the radioactive material with great care.
richThe author's rich material provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
typeThe type material is the physical representation of a font.
coarseThe coarse material was difficult to work with.
biologicalForensic experts analyzed the biological material found on the murder weapon.
biographicalThe author's biographical material provides an interesting backdrop to the novel.
amorphousThe amorphous material was a non-crystalline solid with no definite shape or structure.
unpublishedThe author's unpublished material was finally released to the public.
denseI had to use a pickaxe to dig through the dense material
compositeThe researchers developed a new composite material that is both lightweight and durable.
porousThe porous material absorbs water like a sponge.
fecalThe accumulation of fecal material can lead to health problems.
visualResearchers need to select and design suitable visual material
abundantScientists were equipped with abundant material to investigate the origins of the universe.
combustibleThe combustible material caught fire quickly, spreading the blaze throughout the building.
archivalThe archival material contained valuable insights into the historical event.
crystallineThe diffraction pattern of crystalline material is composed of a series of sharp spots
looseThe loose material had fallen from the roof.
thematicThe thematic material of the novel is love and loss.
elasticThe elastic material can be stretched and returned to its original shape without being damaged.
structuralThe structural material of this building is reinforced concrete.
dryThe dry material was used for the experiment.
archaeologicalThe archaeological material was carefully excavated and analyzed.
fibrousThe fibrous material was used to create a strong and durable fabric.
homogeneousThe homogeneous material had a uniform structure throughout.
documentaryThe researcher used documentary material to support his claim.
statisticalThe statistical material was gathered from a variety of sources.
transparentThe transparent material allowed us to see through it.
introductoryThe introductory material is an important part of the essay.
promotionalThe promotional material for the new product is eye-catching.
verbalThe researchers used a range of verbal material including words, phrases, and sentences.
inertThe inert material was safely disposed of.
fissileThe fissile material was handled with great care.
insolubleThe insoluble material settled to the bottom of the beaker.
dielectricThe dielectric material had a high breakdown strength.
thinThe fabric was so thin material that it tore easily.

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