Adjectives for Matrix

Adjectives For Matrix

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing matrix, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'matrix' can be paired with a number of adjectives, each adding its own unique shade of meaning. An 'extracellular' matrix refers to the complex network outside cells, highlighting its biological importance. A 'diagonal' matrix, on the other hand, speaks to geometric precision within mathematics and physics. Describing a matrix as 'organic' often suggests a naturally occurring framework, adding a touch of the natural world to the conversation. Meanwhile, a 'symmetric' matrix brings to mind images of balance and uniformity. And calling a matrix 'original' or 'solid' can underscore its novelty or reliability. Each adjective opens up a new facet of understanding, enriching the conversation. Discover how these and other adjectives unveil the multifaceted character of 'matrix' in the full list below.
extracellularFibroblasts secrete proteins that form the extracellular matrix
diagonalThis is a diagonal matrix
organicThe organic matrix of the bone is composed of collagen, which provides strength and flexibility.
symmetricThe symmetric matrix is a square matrix.
originalThe original matrix was destroyed and a new one was created.
solidThe material consists of a solid matrix with dispersed particles.
nuclearThe nuclear matrix is a network of proteins that provides structural support to the nucleus.
jacobianThe Jacobian matrix of the function describes the local behavior of the function near a given point.
dimensionalThe dimensional matrix was analyzed by the team of scientists.
positiveThe eigenvalues of a positive matrix are all positive.
triangularThe triangular matrix has diagonal elements and zero elements above or below the diagonal.
definiteA definite matrix is one for which all the elements are known.
complexThe complex matrix puzzled the mathematician.
culturalThe company's cultural matrix emphasized teamwork and innovation.
orthogonalThe orthogonal matrix preserves the dot product of vectors.
hessianThe hessian matrix is a square matrix of second-order partial derivatives.
correspondingThe corresponding matrix of the linear transformation is a 3x3 matrix.
amorphousThe amorphous matrix of the polymer exhibited a high degree of flexibility.
intercellularThe intercellular matrix provides strength and support to the cells within a tissue.
denseThe dense matrix contained important data for the analysis.
germinalThe germinal matrix is a layer of cells in the brain that gives rise to neurons.
sparseThe sparse matrix is a matrix with a large number of zero values.
constantThe constant matrix is used in many applications, such as physics and engineering.
cytoplasmicThe organelles are suspended in a cytoplasmic matrix a gel-like substance that fills the cell.
entireThe entire matrix was filled with zeros.
globalThe team used a global matrix to analyze the data.
initialThe initial matrix for the Markov chain is a probability distribution over the states of the chain.
completeThe complete matrix was used to calculate the eigenvalues.
calcifiedThe calcified matrix composed of calcium and phosphate, provides strength and support for bones.
unitaryThe unitary matrix is a square matrix whose inverse is equal to its conjugate transpose.
fundamentalThe fundamental matrix is a 3x3 matrix that describes the relationship between two views of a scene.
cellThe cell matrix is a complex structure that provides structural support and biochemical cues for cells.
porousThe porous matrix allowed for efficient diffusion of molecules.
grainedThe fine-grained matrix was composed of quartz and feldspar.
nonsingularThe determinant of a nonsingular matrix is not zero.
gelatinousThe jellyfish's body is made up of a gelatinous matrix
polymericThe polymeric matrix was reinforced with carbon nanotubes.
homogeneousThe homogeneous matrix represents a transformation from one coordinate frame to another.
hermitianThe matrix A is a Hermitian matrix if it is equal to its conjugate transpose.
mesangialMesangial matrix is an extracellular matrix produced by mesangial cells in the kidney.
multimethodThe multimethod matrix is a structured way to organize multiple methods.
residualThe residual matrix represents the data that has not been explained by the model.
richThe rich matrix contained a diverse array of molecules and proteins.
fibrousThe fibrous matrix provides structural support to the tissue.
asymptoticThe asymptotic matrix allows us to analyze the asymptotic behavior of discrete-time Markov chains.
disciplinaryThe disciplinary matrix is a framework for understanding the relationship between power and knowledge.
collagenousThe collagenous matrix provides structural support to the cells.
softThe soft matrix cushions the delicate tissue from harm.
offThe off matrix elements are small and can be neglected.
stochasticThe stochastic matrix is used to model the transition probabilities between states in a Markov chain.
glassyThe glassy matrix of the rock contained inclusions of quartz.
continuousThe continuous matrix corresponds to the finite subdivision of any component interval of a tree.
structuralCells, tissues, and organs contain a structural matrix that is composed of proteins and carbohydrates.
sandyThe sandy matrix was a perfect place for the turtle to lay its eggs.
hamiltonianThe motion of a quantum mechanical particle in a force field is governed by a hamiltonian matrix
overallThe overall matrix was quite large and consisted of several different types of data.
aboveThe term above matrix describes the values found above the main diagonal of a matrix.
ceramicThe ceramic matrix was made of a mixture of alumina and zirconia.
cartilaginousThe cartilaginous matrix consists mainly of water, collagen and proteoglycans.
3x3The 3x3 matrix has nine entries.
arbitraryThe arbitrary matrix is not invertible.
granularThe granular matrix is a porous, three-dimensional structure that allows for the exchange of nutrients and waste products between cells.
functionalThe functional matrix of a protein is a property associated with its biochemical characteristics and biological processes.
tridiagonalThe tridiagonal matrix is a specific type of matrix where each element outside the main diagonal is zero.
elasticThe elastic matrix of the aorta is composed of elastin and collagen.
dynamicalWe derive an expression for the phonon self-energy for a three-dimensional crystal in terms of the dynamical matrix and the electron Green's function.
dynamicWe can use dynamic matrix programming to solve the problem of finding the longest common subsequence of two sequences.
likeIt was like matrix
squareThe square matrix has equal numbers of rows and columns.
plasticThe composite materials are composed of a plastic matrix reinforced with a woven carbon fiber fabric.
nullThe null matrix is a matrix with all elements equal to zero.
insolubleThe insoluble matrix was composed of a mixture of lipids and proteins.

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