Adjectives for Matter

Adjectives For Matter

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing matter, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using the right adjective with the noun 'matter' can transform your sentence, offering a window into specifics, context, and emotional tone. From 'subject matter' highlighting a particular area of discussion to 'organic matter' touching upon the natural aspect, each combination elevates your narrative. Describing something as 'whole matter' suggests completeness, whereas 'simple matter' brings a sense of ease and simplicity. 'Easy matter' implies straightforwardness, and 'white matter' shifts the focus to brain anatomy or purity, depending on context. Each adjective not only describes but enriches the noun with unique shades of meaning, inviting readers into a more nuanced understanding. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'matter' to enhance your descriptive powers.
subjectThe professor's lecture covered a wide range of subject matter
organicThe soil was rich in organic matter
wholeThe whole matter was resolved peacefully.
simpleIt was a simple matter of adding more ingredients.
easyIt was an easy matter to find the lost dog.
whiteWhite matter is the tissue that makes up the brain and spinal cord.
differentThis is a different matter entirely and merits careful consideration.
importantThis is an important matter that needs to be addressed immediately.
grayThe gray matter in your brain is responsible for your thoughts and actions.
seriousThis was a serious matter that needed attention.
difficultIt is a difficult matter to determine who is at fault in this case.
muchHer return does not much matter
practicalThe practical matter of the situation was that we needed to find a way to get the car fixed.
dryThe dry matter content of the sample was 95%.
mereMere matter unadorned by imagination, can never excite our reverence.
foreignThe presence of foreign matter in the food product was unacceptable.
solidThe solid matter was composed of a mixture of minerals and organic compounds.
greyThe grey matter of the brain is responsible for processing information.
printedI received a package of printed matter in the mail.
privateThat is a private matter and I would appreciate it if you would respect my privacy.
darkThe universe contains a mysterious substance called dark matter which interacts only through gravity.
deadThe scientist used dead matter to study the laws of physics.
volatileThe volatile matter in the air caused the explosion.
delicateThe delicate matter required careful handling.
inorganicThe dry mass of this sample was measured by combustion, leaving a low inorganic matter content of 17.5%.
fecalThe fecal matter was left on the floor, and no one wanted to clean it up.
complexComplex matter can be affected by various external influences.
trivial"Don't sweat the trivial matters" is a common expression.
animalThe archeologists discovered small pieces of animal matter in the cave.
suspendedThe suspended matter in the air was so thick that it made it difficult to breathe.
inertThe inert matter lay undisturbed in the corner of the room.
earthySeventy percent of the Earth's surface is covered with water, the remaining thirty percent being earthy matter often referred to as land.
carbonaceousCarbonaceous matter is found in meteorites and comets.
extraneousExtraneous matter clogged the drain, causing a backup.
insolubleThe insoluble matter was filtered out of the solution.
vitalThe new evidence presented could be vital matter that could help win the case.
complicatedThey discussed the complicated matter for hours, but they still couldn't come to a consensus.
minorI've heard that, but it is a minor matter
calcareousThe shell of a clam is made of calcareous matter
urgentPlease advise on this urgent matter as soon as possible.
inanimateThe inanimate matter in the room absorbed all the sound.
primeThe prime matter of the universe is the substance from which all other substances are made.
triflingShe shushed the attendees, saying their reactions to last night's incident were over a trifling matter
paniculateThe paniculate matter was spread across the entire surface.
solubleThe soluble matter was dissolved in water, forming a clear solution.
cerebralThe cerebral matter was examined under a microscope.
graveThis was the last time that I wanted to have to deal with this grave matter
straightforwardIt was a straightforward matter to complete the task.
nitrogenousNitrogenous matter is found in living organisms and can be used as fertilizer.
controversialThe speaker started to discuss a controversial matter
combustibleThe combustible matter in the room quickly ignited, spreading the flames throughout the building.
classThe physics class matters a lot in his school life.
condensedThe condensed matter is a state of matter that has a high density and low temperature.
routineThe routine matter was quickly approved by the board.
faecalThe ground was covered in faecal matter
granularThe granular matter flowed effortlessly through the narrow opening.

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