Adjectives for Maximum

Adjectives For Maximum

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing maximum, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'maximum' can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, highlighting different aspects of intensity or limit. A 'local maximum' might suggest a peak that is significant within a specific context, whereas an 'absolute maximum' implies a universal peak unmatched by any other. The term 'last maximum' can evoke a sense of finality or culmination, while 'theoretical maximum' touches upon the bounds of possibility. 'Glacial maximum' might bring forth images of the ice ages, revealing the term's versatility beyond mere figures. Similarly, 'second maximum' introduces the idea of a runner-up peak, still noteworthy but not the pinnacle. This nuanced landscape of adjectives enriches our understanding of limits and peaks. Explore the full list of adjectives paired with 'maximum' to navigate these subtleties.
localThe local maximum of the function is at x = 2.
absoluteThe absolute maximum speed limit on this highway is 75 miles per hour.
lastThe last maximum is a statistical value which represents the highest value of the variable of interest.
theoreticalThe theoretical maximum efficiency of a heat engine is known as the Carnot efficiency.
glacialThe area now covered by Lake Agassiz was covered by the ice sheet during the glacial maximum
secondThe second maximum number is 7.
globalThe global maximum of the function is located at x = 2.
secondaryThe secondary maximum of the function is located at x = 2.
averageThe average maximum temperature in July is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
dailyOur daily maximum temperature was 92 degrees.
certainThe certain maximum of this function is 10.
legalThe legal maximum speed on this road is 60 miles per hour.
broadThe voltage-dependent calcium current characterized by a broad maximum
centralThe central maximum is the brightest part of the diffraction pattern.
halfThe drug reached its half maximum concentration after two hours.
solarSolar maximum is the period when the Sun's activity is at its peak.
singleAnurag scored a single maximum of 185 in the ongoing Ranji Trophy.
sharpThe sharp maximum is caused by a combination of factors.
relativeThe relative maximum of this function is at x = 2.
meanThe mean maximum temperature in July is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
statutoryThe court imposed a statutory maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.
possibleAchieving the possible maximum is the best outcome.
annualThe bank increased the annual maximum for mortgage loans to \$500,000.
currentThe current maximum capacity is 1,000 people.
positiveThe positive maximum value is 10.
normalThe normal maximum temperature in June is 72 degrees.
pronouncedThe graph displayed a pronounced maximum at 100 degrees.
principalThe position of the principal maximum of the radiation lobes is known with high accuracy.
potentialThe potential maximum for this project is difficult to determine.
negativeThe negative maximum of the given values is -10.
distinctThe function has a distinct maximum at x=3
strongThe strong maximum principle requires that harmonic functions on a compact space attain their maximum on the boundary.
higherThis new model has a higher maximum speed than the previous model.
trueThe true maximum capacity of the stadium was never determined.
nearThe near maximum temperature today hit record levels
doubleThe system's performance is double maximum with the new upgrade.
fixedThe contract establishes a fixed maximum price.
thermalThe thermal maximum for the organism is 40 degrees Celsius.
usualThe usual maximum temperature in July is 28 degrees Celsius.
uniqueThe function achieved its unique maximum at x equals 3.
practicalIn order to mitigate risks, we define the practical maximum throughput to be 80% of the theoretical maximum throughput.
correspondingThe corresponding maximum value recorded is 10.
monthlyThe monthly maximum temperature was 95 degrees.
observedThe observed maximum temperature was 25 degrees Celsius.
actualThe actual maximum height of the building is 100 meters.
definiteThere is a definite maximum to the amount of weight a person can lift.
flatThe function has a flat maximum at x = 2.
highestThe highest maximum temperature was recorded at 35 degrees Celsius.
markedThe marked maximum was exceeded.
previousThe project broke the previous maximum set last year.
reasonableThe reasonable maximum for this project is $100,000.
allowableThe allowable maximum must not be exceeded.
recommendedThe recommended maximum daily intake of sodium is 2,300 milligrams.
tubularThe tubular maximum for glucose is exceeded in diabetes mellitus.
yearThey followed a year maximum for the length of service in a single post.
probableThe probable maximum loss is the maximum loss that can occur with a probability of 1% or less.
clearThis function has a clear maximum at x = 2.
constrainedThe constrained maximum of the function is 5.
dayThe day maximum temperature was 32 degrees Celsius.
subsurfaceThe subsurface maximum is the highest point of the water table beneath the surface.
safeThe team was able to avoid the obstacles and ultimately stick the safe maximum
slightThe slight maximum is noticeable in the data.
permissibleThe permissible maximum capacity is 12
peakThe peak maximum of the function is at x = 2.
weeklyDue to the weekly maximum he is unable to work more than 40 hours per week.
characteristicThe voltage-current curve is a characteristic maximum
weakThe weak maximum is a point where the derivative is zero.
definedThe 3D model had a defined maximum width of 10 inches.
overallThe overall maximum value for the dataset was 100.
typicalThe area has a typical maximum depth of about 4 to 6 meters.
seasonalThe seasonal maximum was reached yesterday when the temperature climbed to 100 degrees.
apparentThe apparent maximum temperature that day was 82 degrees.
hourThe estimated time of completion is one hour maximum
interiorThe interior maximum of the function is 5.

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