Adjectives for Mean

Adjectives For Mean

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing mean, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the different adjectives that pair with 'mean' can reveal fascinating nuances in mathematics, statistics, and even philosophy. The 'arithmetic mean' often communicates the everyday idea of an average, providing a quick snapshot of data. A 'geometric mean,' however, delves into the multiplicative aspects of datasets, offering insights where growth rates are concerned. The 'golden mean,' steeped in aesthetic and philosophical significance, represents balance and proportion. Conversely, a 'true mean' seeks to navigate beyond surface averages to deeper relationships. The 'weighted mean' introduces a layer of complexity, assigning different weights to values, showing that not all data should be treated equally. Lastly, 'overall mean' encompasses a general overview, integrating various data points smoothly. Each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, opening a world of interpretation and application. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and their illustrative sentences below.
arithmeticThe arithmetic mean of the two numbers is 10.
geometricThe geometric mean of 2 and 8 is 4.
goldenThe golden mean is a special number that can be found in many different places in nature and art.
trueThe true mean of the data is 10.
weightedThe weighted mean is a statistic used to find the average of a set of values, where each value is assigned a weight.
overallThe overall mean of the sample was 8.5.
grandThe grand mean of the data is 10.
harmonicThe harmonic mean of two numbers is the reciprocal of the average of the reciprocals of the two numbers.
arithmeticalThe arithmetical mean of the given set of numbers is the sum of the numbers divided by their count.
annualThe annual mean temperature of the region is 15 degrees Celsius.
happyThe happy mean is a balance between extremes.
conditionalThe conditional mean of the response time is 100 milliseconds.
realThe real mean of the data is 10.
normalYou can use the normal mean to compare the data to other data sets.
higherThe higher mean score indicates a better performance on the test.
monthlyThe monthly mean temperature is forecasted to be 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
highestThe highest mean age of the residents was found in the town of Smithville.
simpleThe simple mean is the sum of all values divided by the number of values.
posteriorThe posterior mean is the expected value of the unknown population parameter, given the observed data.
observedThe observed mean was 10.5.
leastThe least mean person I have ever met is my grandmother.
actualThe actual mean of the data is 10.
dailyThe daily mean temperature for the past week was 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
unweightedThe unweighted mean of the dataset is 75
unknownThe unknown mean of the data set is a source of uncertainty.
lowest* of geographic factor (0.26) denotes the lowest mean scored for the dataset.
constantThe constant mean of the data suggests that it is not affected by outliers.
correspondingThe corresponding mean is 7.44.
geometricalThe geometrical mean is a measure of the central tendency of a set of positive numbers.
prettyHe was pretty mean to me.
globalThe global mean temperature has increased by about 1 degree Celsius since the late 19th century.
termThis term means the average amount of time someone spends on a website.
yearThe average temperature this year mean is 50 degrees.
plainThe plain mean of the text is easy to understand.
statisticalThe statistical mean of the test scores was 85.
downrightHer downright mean comments cut me to the quick.
theoreticalThe theoretical mean of the data is 50.
quadraticThe quadratic mean of a set of values is the square root of the average of the squares of the values.
logarithmicThe logarithmic mean is a way of averaging two or more numbers that takes into account the range of the numbers.
priorThe scientist ensured the experiment's prior mean was not impacted by any external factors.
expectedWe anticipated that traffic would follow an expected mean of 500 cars per hour during rush hour.
whaddayaWhaddaya mean you lost my book?
dueHe is due mean back tomorrow.
finiteThe random variable has a finite mean
calculatedThe calculated mean of the test scores was 85%.
minimumThe minimum mean weight of the dogs in the study was 10 pounds.
zeroThe distribution has a zero mean and a standard deviation of 1.
exactThe exact mean of the distribution is unknown.
aristotelian"The Aristotelian mean is the middle point between two extremes, and it is the best course of action to take."
yearlyThe average yearly mean was 9.6 inches.
ensembleThe ensemble mean of the predictions was used to make the final decision.
correctThe correct mean of the two numbers is 10.
hypothesizedThe hypothesized mean of the population is 50.
allAll mean is not evil.
normativeThe normative mean of the sample is 72.

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