Adjectives for Meaning

Adjectives For Meaning

Discover the most common adjectives for meaning, including 'same,' 'true,' 'new,' and 'real.' Our web app offers examples in sentences to enhance understanding and usage. Perfect for writers, educators, and anyone looking to enrich their vocabulary, our tool is your go-to resource for finding the precise adjectives for meaning in any context.

trueThe true meaning of life is to find your purpose and live it to the fullest.
newLife took on a new meaning after the birth of her child.
literalThe literal meaning of the word 'literally' is 'actually' or 'without exaggeration'.
originalThe original meaning of the word 'nice' was 'foolish'.
preciseThe precise meaning of the statement is clear to me.
exactThe exact meaning of the sentence is difficult to determine without context.
specificThe specific meaning of the word 'semantics' is the study of meaning.
wellThe well meaning stranger offered to help the lost child find his way home.
physicalThe physical meaning of this equation is that the acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force acting on it.
spiritualThe spiritual meaning of life is to find your purpose and live it.
intendedThe intended meaning of the message was unclear.
primaryThe primary meaning of the word 'love' is a feeling of deep affection.
clearThe clear meaning of the sentence was evident.
veryThe very meaning of life is to find your passion and follow it.
ordinaryThe contract is interpreted according to its ordinary meaning
properThe proper meaning of words is important.
essentialThis is an essential meaning
plainThe plain meaning of the statute is clear.
secondaryThe word 'bank' has a secondary meaning of 'a slope or incline'.
usualThe usual meaning of the word is its most common interpretation.
obviousThe obvious meaning of the sentence is clear.
technicalThis document has no technical meaning therefore there is no suitable sentence.
culturalThe cultural meaning of this object is significant to the community.
profoundIn the vast canvas of existence, each stroke holds a profound meaning
broaderThe broader meaning of the text was lost in translation.
linguisticThe linguistic meaning of a word is the concept or idea that it represents.
correctA correct meaning is important for communication.
lexicalThe lexical meaning of a word is its dictionary definition.
greekThe word 'anomaly' has a greek meaning of 'uneven'.
concreteThe concrete meaning of the statement is its literal sense.
subjectiveThe painting conveyed a subjective meaning to each individual.
objectiveThe objective meaning of a word is its agreed-upon definition.
latinThe Latin meaning of 'amor fati' is 'love of fate'.
conventionalThe words used in their conventional meaning are often imprecise and ambiguous.
intrinsicThis situation possesses intrinsic meaning
strictThis is a sentence with a strict meaning
distinctThe words had distinct meaning

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