Adjectives for Means

Adjectives For Means

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing means, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In language, pairing adjectives with the noun 'means' cleverly fine-tunes the message being conveyed. Using adjectives such as 'other', 'only', 'effective', 'best', 'various', and 'possible' with 'means' can subtly change its implication, affecting how solutions or methods are perceived. For instance, 'effective means' suggests a proven approach, while 'various means' opens the door to a range of possibilities. Each adjective, thus, adds a unique shade of meaning, highlighting the importance of careful selection to precisely communicate intentions. Explore how different adjectives transform the understanding and impact of 'means' in our full list below.
otherYou can do it by other means
onlyOnly means one thing.
effectiveThe effective means of communication require the transmission of information.
bestThe best means to achieve success is through hard work and dedication.
variousHe obtained the information through various means
possibleThe possible means of transportation are car, bus, and train.
important"There are so many important means" is a sentence with "important means"
mechanicalThe machine was designed to be operated by mechanical means
peacefulThrough peaceful means we can resolve our differences.
principalThe principal means of transportation in the city is the subway.
primaryThe primary means of transport in the city is by bus.
necessaryThe necessary means to achieve the goal is through hard work and dedication.
efficientThe company has been able to achieve its goals through efficient means
simpleShe lived a simple life with simple means
alternativeWe used alternative means to achieve our goal.
availableThe company provides a wide range of available means to contact customer support.
legalThe company pursued legal means against its rival.
appropriateTheir right to demonstrate peacefully should be exercised through appropriate means
limitedDue to their limited means they had to live in a small apartment.
powerfulThe company used powerful means to promote its new product.
convenientThe convenient means of transportation made our trip easier.
properThe company achieved its goals through proper means
practicalThe practical means to achieve the intended result.
adequateThe company had adequate means to achieve its goals.
financialThey lacked the financial means to purchase a home.
directUsing direct means we can reach our destination quickly.
ordinaryThe ordinary means of achieving success are hard work and dedication.
betterThe better means is to do it right the first time.
technicalThe use of technical means can enable us to achieve better results.
soleHe is the sole means of support for his family.
indirectShe was able to get information through indirect means
usefulThe useful means helped us reach our goal.
fairShe achieved her success through fair means and hard work.
legitimateThe businessman wanted to use only legitimate means to make his fortune.
excellentBy all excellent means we must run now!
chiefThe chief means of transportation was the mule.
ampleThey have ample means to pursue their dreams.
sufficientHe had sufficient means to live comfortably.
suitableThe company will use suitable means to ensure the safety of its employees.
traditionalThe company's antiquated system relies heavily on traditional means of communication.
readyWhen you are ready means you can start the journey.
conventionalThe conventional means of communication have become less reliable.
electronicThe company will provide annual reports by electronic means
modestDespite his modest means he lived a life of contentment.
reliableWe should find reliable means to improve our delivery service.
effectualThe effectual means to achieve success is through hard work and dedication.
constitutionalWe must work within constitutional means to achieve our goals.
usualThe usual means of communication were out of order.
moderateIndividuals with moderate means struggle to meet their basic needs.
valuableThe company's valuable means are its employees' experience and knowledge.
easyThe easy means of communication made the task much simpler.
visibleWhile there was no visible means of entry, the police were still baffled by the break-in.
surestThe surest means of getting good results is to work diligently
sureThat sure means a lot to me.
lawfulHe obtained the money through lawful means
simplestAchieve the goal using the simplest means
satisfactoryThe company promised to provide satisfactory means to resolve the complaint.
rationalNegotiating with rational means is the best way to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
extraordinaryThe patient's extraordinary means of life support will be discontinued.

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